Strawberry Detox Water

I know we have all seen the pretty jugs of fruity water all over the internet lately, claiming to detox and flatten your belly and give you x ray vision (ok, that last one is a bit of a stretch). I personally fell right on that band wagon when I first came across the cucumber lemon mint water a few years ago. Every morning I would jam a lemon, a cuke, and a handful of mint into my water bottle before work, and every day it didn’t taste very good. I like lemons and cucumbers and mint, but I guess I just didn’t like them all together?

They were very over powering and no matter how hard I tried not to squish them they never tasted right when I had to refill the bottle which left me with only about 30 oz of strongly flavored water and the rest of my day was weird sour gross water. Not to mention how hard it was to get everything back out of the bottle when I got back home. It was just a pain.

I was done beyond done when I sliced up a cucumber one morning knowing that it was starting to go and not realizing it had already went. I drank rotten cucumber water! Gross! After that I just drank regular water or water with Mio in it. But as we all know, I can never just leave “regular” alone. I am forever searching for something to make plain water taste better and I am a sucker for all things pretty so even if it doesn’t taste amazing, I will make drinks that look pretty in their cup. So today, when I had a half a cucumber left over after lunch I got to thinking.

I know I don’t like lemon cucumber mint water, but what if I tried a different infusion? I just bought a ton of new fruit at the store and surely some of them would taste good in water. That still left the problem of jamming the fruits into my bottle and them tasting weird. Did I want to use new fruit every time? Seems like a waste. Then I remembered my new quick stir pitcher I got from Pampered Chef. You put all your mix stuff in the bottom of the pitcher and add your liquid, then the lid has a paddle attached so you can just lift up and down on the top plunger and stir all your mix around. That would make the water a little less strong, and keep me from having to use new fruit.

I dug through the fridge and decided I would use the half a cucumber, a handful of mint, and a couple strawberries. I put it all in the pitcher and stuck it in the fridge for a few hours. When I poured myself a glass I was skeptical that it would taste good, but it did! Turns out, it was just the combination of the lemon cucumber and mint that I wasn’t liking. The cuke, mint, and strawberries are really good! I have already drank almost a half gallon. It is ice cold, and super refreshing (a good thing since it is like 92 degrees outside). I have no idea if it will make me skinnier, healthier, or give me x ray vision, but it looks really pretty in its pitcher AND it tastes good which is a win in my book.


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