Homemade Daily Shower Spray

This morning while I was taking my shower, I started looking around. And, I noticed that the beautiful, sparkling shower that my wonderful husband had installed less than a year ago, is no longer beautiful and sparkling. Needless to say, with the remodel still going on, I have kind of lost interest in continually scrubbing the war zone also known as my master bathroom. Sure, every few weeks I rub a scrub brush around the bottom of the tub, and pick up the shampoo bottles and wipe off the ledge. But, in general, there is no deep cleaning of this room.

This got me thinking, maybe I should buy one of those fancy, shmancy shower sprays. You know, the ones where you just spritz your shower quickly when you are done and you never have to deep clean again? The ones that sound too good to be true? Yea, I should get one of those.

Except, I can’t, in good conscience, just go out and BUY one of these magical sprays… I should MAKE one!

*insert 45 minutes of Pinterest search: DIY Shower Spray*

After multiple recipes, blogs, directions, and claims- I decided that with vinegar, rubbing alcohol, and Fels Naptha I could make just about anything. I grabbed a spray bottle from the basement and forged ahead with creating my own shower spray.

Most recipes called for a 1:.5 recipe for water and ingredients. So, if you use 1 cup of water, you should use 1/2 cup of everything else. Several recipes called for castille soap- I don’t have any castille soap and I certainly am not buying any castille soap. Fels Naptha is sort of like castille soap, and I have bars upon bars of Fels Naptha for my laundry detergent.

My recipe is as follows:

1 Cup warm water
1/2 cup vinegar
1/2 cup hydrogen peroxide
1/2 cup rubbing alchol
1 tsp grated Fels Naptha

*swirl it all together in the spray bottle and spray your shower*

I sprayed the shit out of my shower with this homemade spray. Top to bottom, left and right. I tucked the bottle on the ledge at the back of the shower for convenient access after my shower tomorrow! This is brilliant! A few hours later, I snuck in to check and see if my shower was sparkling! It wasn’t. Not even close. In fact, it almost looks like there is a whole new layer of soap scum attached to my shower walls… Not sure if it takes a while to work, or if I am just making more work for myself later, we shall see, but I am going to continue using it for a week or so and see what happens. Let’s all keep our fingers crossed that I have found the formula for the magical shower spray and none of us will ever have to deep clean a shower again!


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