The NomBaby necklace


Having a teething baby, or any baby really, can take a toll on your jewelry. Now that my little darling has turned into Tina-Touch-It-All I have had several broken chains. We are also having a wonderful time with the Throw-it-on-the-ground-and-make-mommy-pick-it-up game. Other than tying the dollar store rocking horse teether onto a rope and hanging it around my neck, I wasn’t sure what my alternatives were. While that may have been the most practical route, it definitely was not the most Stepford route. So, of course, I turned to Google. And, I found teething necklaces!

The general idea of a teething necklace is such: thread silicone beads onto string and make a fashionable necklace, then let baby chew on that instead of mommy’s expensive anniversary necklace.

These necklaces range anywhere from $10-$50 and come in any array of colors you can imagine. I looked through Etsy and Amazon trying to find the best deal (I mean REALLY who is going to pay $50 for something your child is going to slobber on and probably destroy??). I reached out to a few different shops about making me a custom piece, but no one was getting back to me. After a few days, I finally came across NomBabyNecklace on Etsy.

According to the info page for NomBaby, the store was started by a little girl named Lainey who is only 8 years old! Once the store took off, her whole family got involved and now they all take part in selling these amazing little pieces. I surfed through their store and immediately noticed how well priced their products were. They were running a sale, all their pieces were $1 off, making their necklaces only $9.50! Not only were the products well priced, but this family had thought of all kinds of things other stores hadn’t. Their necklaces are designed to not have any beads up around the hair line so your hair won’t get pulled (and lets face it- who wants to trade hair pulling from a baby for hair pulling from a necklace- No!), they are dishwasher safe, and they even offer engraving on the silicone beads! After a careful search, I picked the necklace that had all of my favorite colors on it and placed my order.

Once my order had been placed, it gave a 3-5 day shipping time frame. I was hopeful that I would get the necklace on Friday since we leave Friday evening for a wedding in Dear Hubby’s home town, and I wanted to be able to wear the necklace to the wedding if it looked ok. Imagine my surprise when I received the necklace in the mail on Thursday morning! What an amazing turn around time!

As soon as I popped this little jewel out of its baggie I knew it was a keeper. The colors were so bright and brilliant, the pictures online didn’t even do it justice. It has a wonderful break away clasp so if the little darling pulls on it it will just come off. As promised, the beads don’t get stuck in my hair, and it matches my wedding outfit perfectly (not to mention every other outfit I own because I am senselessly attracted to blue and green).

I think Little Darling likes it too..


This picture was taken at bedtime- notice the darkened room and pjs. She refused to let go and I eventually had to take the necklace off and put it on the coffee table until I could get her calmed down enough to go to bed.

All in all, I am super pleased with this purchase, I am already trolling through the NomBaby store for something featuring pink, you know, for Wednesdays.


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