Pampered Chef Pineapple Peeler

I have a wonderful friend who sells Pampered Chef, and she is always telling me about these fabulous products she uses and how they make her day so much easier. Normally I am not one to buy into these fancy things and find a way to not get involved. But, she invited me to do a freezer meal workshop right after Little Darling was born and it pretty much saved my life in those first few months when I was first turning into a Stepford wife/mother. The workshop was so fun and the food was so good, I became a pampered chef believer. Then, when a girl I knew passed away in a car accident and her family was suffering both emotionally and financially, my friend stepped in and offered to host a party in the girls honor. With 10% of the proceeds going to the family. Nothing much, but anything helps!

I, of course, shopped that fundraiser like a mad woman. Wonderful Husband set a strict budget and I actually came in under budget. However, I got some amazing pieces. I bought a gift for my friend getting married in a couple months, I bought a “quick stir pitcher” (AMAZING), I got an herb infuser, a steamer, and the pineapple peeler. I bought the peeler as an aside because I wanted to hit the point where I got the free collapsible bowl (I know! I am senseless). I love fresh pineapple, and if my future pregnancies are anything like my pregnancy with Little Darling I will be craving it non stop. The only thing I hate about pineapple is the fact that you need a degree from Harvard in order to cut/peel one. It is always a sloppy, juicy mess with lots of curse words, cut fingers, and if WH is home he normally has to step in and finish it for me.

Enter- The Pineapple Peeler. It looks harmless enough


Like a giant apple peeler.

I cut the ends off the pineapple and sat it on the cutting board. Then I laid the pineapple peeler on top


That didn’t see right, the pineapple isn’t big enough. I begin feeling nervous. Wonderful Husband isn’t here if this goes horrible awry. I forged ahead, flipping the pineapple over and realizing that the bottom is bigger and should work better.

Then I began to push on the peeler, its like an apple peeler right? It should slide gracefully down over the pineapple and make me all warm and happy inside… wrong. I pushed and pushed and was about to give up when it finally worked! I pushed hard on the right side and it sunk blissfully into the pineapple. Then I pushed on the left side and it did the same. Success! I began the wiggle technique and within seconds I knew I loved this little gem.



Even when I got to the bottom, the pineapple fell right off! I barely even had to tug on it.



My complaint: My pineapple was too small and the top had some skin left on it. I gently hand peeled that part, sliced the pineapple into pieces and got it ready to go to my moms tomorrow for our Memorial Day cook out.


This thing is amazing. I am genuinely upset that I have waited this long to get one. It is a total game changer for pineapple lovers!

Now to pull out some of those pina colada recipes…


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