Taco Bake

I missed Taco Tuesday this week. Very disappointing. But I was able to make up for it on Thursday by constructing this amazing Taco Bake. As usual, I found the general concept on Pinterest (how did we survive before Pinterest??). It seemed pretty simple, but I didn’t have some of the ingredients. So I took the recipe and made it my own. The results were phenomenal.


Ground Beef
Shredded CheeseBrown Rice
Diced Tomatoes

I started by browning a pound of ground beef. We buy a cow every spring, so we have really good grass fed beef all year. We know where it came from, no weird chemicals or hormones, and it is so much cheaper than buying beef at the store!

Once the beef was browned up, I added about 2 oz of Velveeta cheese. I will be honest, I wasn’t really measuring, I just sliced off a chunk and then chopped it up in the beef. As the Velveeta was melting I added in about a half a jar of salsa.

When the beef, cheese, and salsa were all mixed together nicely I pulled out some leftover brown rice from a few nights ago, opened a can of diced tomatoes, and began layering.

In an 8 inch pie pan I sprayed it with Pam and then did the following:


I layered these in the pan until it was almost overflowing, I think I got 3 layers. I made sure I topped it off with lots of extra shredded cheese and then popped it into the oven at 350 for about 25 minutes.

Let it rest for about 10 minutes when it comes out so you can slice it like a pie and get it out. I topped it with sour cream and served it with a home grown side salad from my mothers garden. It was pretty amazing, and I will definitely be keeping this recipe for the future. Wonderful husband enjoyed it enough to have a second plate full!



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