Con Air Hair Curlers

My hair is a daily struggle. I have this weird textured hair where if I do nothing to it it becomes this crimpy, kinky, weird mess. It’s frizzy and fly away, absolutely nothing about it is wash and wear. I am insanely jealous of people who can just wake up and go with their beautiful hair that they did nothing with.

When I was working, I would shower every night, go to bed with my hair wet, then when I got up in the morning I would straighten it. Sometimes, I would just put it up in a ponytail because I didn’t have the motivation to mess with it. Even when it was perfectly straightened the minute I stepped out the door it would normally puff up. And if I managed to get through the day without it going poodle, it was greasy and stringy by about 2pm. #firstworldproblems

Now that I am home, I have a lot more time to play with my hair and decide what looks good, works best, and is easier. I present to you- the ConAir Curlers. I ordered mine from Amazon but later found them at Walmart for a dollar or so cheaper. They are the basic foam curlers that you would imagine your grandmother wearing.

The day they got delivered I was overly excited to try them out. I quickly spritzed my hair with water and rolled it up. It took about 10 minutes to get the curlers into my hair, and I used mostly the larger size rollers because I didn’t want super tight curls. I waited almost 2 hours, and then blasted my head with the blow dryer. I unrolled them expected to see gorgeous, bouncy waves. Instead, I saw limp, damp, straight hair. Hmm. Failure. I decided I must not have left them in long enough.

That night after my shower, I rolled my hair up again and decided to sleep in the rollers. This time, I rolled from the top to the back, I used smaller pieces, and added a few of the smaller rollers.


Don’t judge me.

It was hard to sleep in the rollers, not going to lie. I tossed and turned a lot more than usual and even got up at 12:30am to re-roll a few of them because they were slipping down my head. In hindsight, I am not entirely sure it was necessary. The next morning I was so anxious to unroll them and see what my hair looked like!

IMG_1065 IMG_1066


I unrolled from the bottom up so I wouldn’t miss any, and then I flipped my head over to toss the curls around a little bit. When I flipped back up I sprayed some hair spray on it. It held really well! the large pieces that had been in large rollers did not hold their curl as well as I would have liked. Thankfully, they were on the bottom so it wasn’t too noticeable. I thin with practice, this could definitely become a daily routine! While I may look like an old lady all night, it is so worth it in the morning.

I am already recommending the rollers to all of my friends and family as an easy way to have nice hair- even if halfway through the day I end up having to pull it up (because lets face it moms, most of the time our hair ends up pulled up) it will still look nicer.

I wish I had found these earlier in my life!


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