Homemade Baby Food

Today Little Darling mastered the sippy cup. Granted, it is the “training sippy cup” which is like a glorified bottle, but she did it, and we have been struggling with this for some time now. It got me thinking that I have been meaning to post about making her baby food.

Although most of her homemade baby food is sitting unused in the freezer because we are somewhat falling into Baby Led Weaning (I will post more about this later), when she does eat her baby food I can feel really good about it because I know what she is eating. When I decided I wanted to make all of her baby food, I had the idea that it would be this huge undertaking and I would have to stay up until midnight making complicated recipes and then brag to all my friends about my homemade organic food that took me 7 hours to make one serving- what can I say, I am a glutton for punishment? Boy, was I shocked when I actually started researching it…

Homemade baby food is basically blended versions of human food. It takes me a grand total of one hour to make enough food for a month. In one day, I made enough food for her to eat until she gets teeth and transitions to real food. Wow.

To start, I grabbed a few over ripe bananas in our fruit bowl, mashed them with a fork, added a tiny bit of water, poured them into the handy silicone homemade baby food freezer bowls that my friend gave me, and put them in the freezer. Done.

Then I roasted three sweet potatoes in the oven for about 20 minutes (?), cut them open, scooped out their insides, mushed them with a fork, added water, poured into trays, freezer. Done.

I prepared frozen peas according to the package, put them in the blender, added some water, blend, blend, blend, pour, freezer.

I ground up regular oatmeal (the stuff that comes in the big cylinder) in the blender, boiled it with some water on the stove, and froze it. This one does thaw a little gooey, like oatmeal tends to do, so I just add a little formula when I thaw it and it is fine.

SO EASY. No reason to brag, there is seriously nothing to it. It was easier than buying baby food at the store because I didn’t even have to leave my house.

All in all, I made several foods for LD: banana, apple, kale, spinach, peas, sweet potato, oatmeal, and pears.

Once we started on baby food at four months, it was a total disaster. LD didn’t know how to swallow and spit food everywhere, she hated everything I gave her because she was used to breast milk which is super sweet and doesn’t compare to gluey oatmeal, obviously. Wonderful Husband thought that maybe she didn’t like my homemade food and store bought would be better, so he stopped one day and got store bought bananas and peaches. I was appalled at the ingredients on the “organic” bananas. All types of oil, and preservatives, random other fruits? The doctor specifically tells you to introduce one food at a time to check for allergies. So when LD got my banana baby food, she got bananas. When she the Gerber organic banana baby food she got a little bit of banana, and tuna oil, and sesame oil, and pear juice, and ascorbic acid. Gross. And she didn’t like the store bought stuff ANY better than my stuff.

We ended up having this weird, slow, transition to Baby Led Weaning for the most part, but today she ate almost 2 oz of homemade sweet potato food at lunch so I will call that a win.

Basically, making homemade baby food is a personal choice. I do understand the convenience of buying the jarred stuff at the store. It really can make life easier if you are busy, or if you don’t keep a lot of fresh fruits and veggies in your house on a regular basis. Totally your decision if you want to do it. But, if you are even the slightest bit interested, give it a try! I doubt you will be disappointed.

That being said, check out Baby Led Weaning… Graham crackers have been my saving grace.


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