If you give a mom a morning…

It all started this morning when I was making my morning cup of coffee. My usual routine is to get out of bed and put on my robe (a gift from my MIL and SIL last Christmas right after Little Darling was born and probably my favorite possession), shuffle downstairs to the kitchen, let the dog out, turn on the Keurig, make Little Darling a bottle, start my coffee, go pee. Once I let the dog back in, I gather up the coffee and bottle and shuffle back upstairs to get Little Darling up.

The only thing that changed this morning was I spilled the water. I was refilling the Keurig reservoir when the water sloshed over the side. This actually happens pretty often and I figure it is water and it will dry. I ignored it, as usual, and went about my morning routine.

After LD went down for her morning nap at 10am, I went to the kitchen to get myself some breakfast. That’s when I noticed the puddle of water. A big puddle of water laying on the counter next to the Keurig. Panic immediately set in as I became convinced the Keurig was broken and was leaking water everywhere. After ripping the lid off the reservoir and verifying that the water was not leaking, I ended up having to dismantle almost the entire Keurig.

Long story short, the water I had spilled had run down along the side of the reservoir and slowly slid along the seams in the plastic, dripped onto the K-cup drawer, and finally landed on the counter top. I must have spilled a lot more water than I had originally thought (I am not the most conscious person in the morning), because there was A LOT of water on the counter.

The good news was that the Keurig was not actually leaking, the bad news was that I realized how incredibly dirty the coffee pot is. There was weird lime scale build up on the bottom of the reservoir, coffee drips in the drip pan, dust on top, and crumbs underneath. Once I had cleaned the whole thing, I decided I might as well clean the drawer too. I unloaded each K-cup and scrubbed down the drawer and the counter top underneath (OH MY GOD the counter underneath *GAGGG*).

Once that part of the counter was clean, I figured I might as well take everything else off the counter and clean it. This led to the blender getting cleaned, the walls getting wiped, and me noticing the microwave…

There is a fun little story I like to tell about the time my mom came to visit a few years ago and was warming food up in my microwave. With a disgusted look, she summarized that my microwave was awful and dirty and she was grossed out. After that incident, I keep the inside of my microwave spotless most of the time. It honestly is not that hard to wipe it down after you warm something up. It is actually easier to do it after you heat something than it is at any other time because all the crumbs and nastiness is warm and soft and easier to scrub off. If you let it sit, it has time to get hard and crusty, then there is major elbow grease needed to lift it off.

While I give a lot of attention to the inside of my microwave, the outside of the microwave doesn’t get noticed very often. I wipe it down every once in a while, but other than that I don’t mess with it. Today, during my cleaning frenzy, I noticed the fingerprints and general dirt on the front of it. When a quick wipe didn’t take care of them I decided to get serious.

I pulled out the vinegar/borax cleaner I make and sprayed a paper towel. Scrub, scrub, scrub. Not working. It finally came down to me getting a scrubby sponge out and wetting it down with boiling hot water, spraying the microwave with the cleaner, and scrubbing until my arm felt like it may fall off. I did, however, manage to get all the dirt and grime off the microwave. That thing is sparkling.

Now I just have to remember to do that on a regular basis…


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