Padawan Stepford

I am the first to admit that I am not perfect,  every once in a while every day I come across things I am not doing that I probably should be doing. Sometimes I choose to add these things to my daily routine, other times I decide to ignore these things.

Today was sheet washing day. I don’t wash sheets nearly as often as I probably should, I know some people who wash their sheets every day and some people who wash their sheets once a month. In general, I try to wash sheets once a week. This is adjusted on how dirty the sheets get. If we have a bonfire and fall drunkenly into bed, you better believe the next day those sheets are getting washed. But if we go away for the weekend then the sheets gain an extra day or so. Lets all be realistic, you can tell when sheets NEED washed.

While I was stripping the sheets off the bed I had a thought… “When was the last time that bed skirt was washed?”

The fact that I had to ask myself that question told me that it had been far too long since that bed skirt had seen the washer. So, I hoisted the mattress up and ripped the bed skirt off. The dirt, dust, and dog hair that came off that thing was embarrassing. I quickly ran down and threw it in the washer. It was like a brand new, super wrinkly bed skirt when it came out!

I ran the iron over it on low heat (while pondering why I don’t iron my sheets) and spread it back on the bed. While it doesn’t really look any different than it did before I washed it, I know it is cleaner and so I feel better.

That gets me to the point of the story though, surely I am not the only one who is meticulous about some things and totally oblivious to other things. I was at a friends house almost 7 years ago and when I went to get sugar for my coffee there was sugar caked all over the container and spoon. I was so grossed out I ended up drinking my coffee black. You will never catch my sugar bowl dirty simply because of that fact. And yes, if I come to your house and see your sugar container I will secretly judge you on how clean it is. But how many times has someone been to my house and seen my disgusting bed skirt, or some other thing that I don’t pay any attention to, and judged me on it? I had company one time and they didn’t want to sit on my dog-hair-covered couch. Boy, did that open my eyes, That furniture now gets vacuumed every time I vacuum the living room. Try as we might, something will always be dirty, dusty, or gross. Things will always get overlooked. But as my mother says “just because you can’t do it all, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do anything”.

Now, go wash your bed skirt.


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