Busy Stepford

I have been AWOL for about a week now. Two of our very good friends got married last weekend! It was a joyous occasion. The ceremony was beautiful, the weather was perfect, the food was delicious. I drank incredibly too much and ended up sitting in the truck at 2am chewing on a cigar pretending to be Columbo. I had a GREAT time.

Said friends are now in Jamaica for their amazing honeymoon (hopefully making Little Darlings to play with mine!) and Wonderful Husband and I have returned to the daily grind of life.

Except not really. We spent Thursday-Sunday in Wonderful Husbands home town for the wedding. Wonderful Husband was in the wedding party so we spent the majority of the weekend running around like crazy people picking up tuxes and dropping off the groom and trying to be helpful. The wedding was Saturday. Sunday was Fathers Day, and our anniversary!

We have hit the one year mark! Still blissfully happy, loving life, and enjoying every minute. I got WH a sappy card telling him how much I love him. He bought be a Vivo Fit 2.

This thing is AWESOME.

It is a little wrist band computer type thing. There are a million different brands, but I wanted a Vivo because both my MIL and SIL have one and love it. It is one of the only ones that has a screen on the band where you can see your stats, and it has a nice large screen that you can actually see well.

It does not come in green (sad times), but it does come in pink which is almost as good. It measures your steps, it tracks your sleep, it tells you how many calories you have burned and gives you a goal of how many steps you should take each day. It also tells time and date. It is so cool.

So far, I have not managed to make my 10,000 step goal at all. I also now realize why I am tired so often (I sleep like total poo). But it has been great to see how many calories I burn each day just by doing my normal stuff. It also links up to MyFitnessPal and will track your calories you take in and your work outs and stuff but I am not nearly that motivated yet. Give me time.

It was a huge shock to realize that mowing the yard, a task that I consider a fairly decent workout, doesn’t really burn any calories and only adds about 600 extra steps to my daily routine. Disappointing. I will have to start going to works at the park with LD to meet my quota.

I also gained 5lbs this weekend by drinking my weight in alcohol and eating everything in sight. I was going to attempt to go back on my clean eating diet this week, but tomorrow we are celebrating my best friends birthday and I bought a cake…

Maybe next week I can get back on my healthy eating habits.


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