Grocery Day

I try to go grocery shopping every Thursday. That is when Aldi starts their new sales and when the pet store gets a new shipment of crickets. Normally, that is the only time I leave the house during the week unless Wonderful Husband needs something.

This week, I am hosting a girls night for a few friends with wine, homemade pizza, and a birthday cake for one of my friends. I wrote a list of everything I would need for the evening along with my regular grocery list. I also wrote a list of places I had to go and what order we would go in (I refuse to back track!). After Little Darlings nap, we got ready and headed into town.

Our first stop is Aldi. We get almost everything at Aldi. They have seriously good prices and almost everything is just as good as other stores. I have the cold bags I keep in my trunk so I can pack all my groceries in there while we hit up our other stores.

After Aldi, we go to Giant Eagle or WalMart depending on what we need. For some reason, our Giant Eagle doesn’t sell any type of cosmetics so if I need any type of make up we have to venture into WalMart. Otherwise, I try to stay far, far away from that side of town. WalMart is full of fat, ignorant, welfare jerks. Everybody is wearing pajamas and screaming at their 6 illegitimate children, standing outside the front door smoking a cigarette with their big fat pregnant belly hanging out of their crop top. But that is for another rant. Today, I got what I needed at WalMart, went to the pet store, and went to the bank.

We got home about 2 hours after we had left. That is when it dawned on me that we had been gone 4 days last week and our refrigerator was still full of the food I had bought last Thursday. I had to freeze so much stuff! I mean, it probably was a good thing because now our stock pile is a little bit bigger, and I can probably skip grocery day next week. But, our fridge is jam packed now, two gallons of milk, two cakes (anniversary and birthday), two fridge packs of coke. It is out of control. I had to freeze two 32oz containers of greek yogurt.

I think the lesson here is to make sure you check your fridge before going grocery shopping. And if you are shopping for an event, only buy the ingredients that you need for the event. Just because you are at the store doesn’t mean you need to do your regular grocery shopping.


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