Mommy’s night out

Wonderful Husband travels a lot for work. A. Lot. He can be gone weeks at a time, and may only get a day or two back home before he has to go back out. Other times, he may go months without having to travel at all and will be home every night by 5:30pm. When he is home we try really hard to soak up as much family time as possible.

Last weekend he was away doing Army stuff, Little Darling and I stayed home and had a great time just hanging out. When WH came home on Sunday he was very excited to go wake LD up from her nap. Unfortunately, it must have been a long weekend for her, because when he woke her up she got scared and started crying. She cried and cried until he gave her over to me. Then he was upset because he felt she didn’t remember him because he had been gone. I was upset because he was upset. Little Darling was fine and babbling away again already.

The rest of the evening I kept trying to give them time alone together and she kept crying and he was getting flustered. He finally demanded I go out on the porch and he would take care of it. About 15 minutes later, he accepted defeat and gave her back to me. He said “sometimes we need time without mommy..”

The next evening, when he got home from work. He took the baby, handed me the car keys, and told me to get lost. He would single handedly care for Little Darling all evening, execute bath time, and get her into her crib for the night. I would enjoy some “time off”

I proceeded to wander around Lowes for over an hour, texting every 2 minutes asking if everything was ok. Little Darling proceeded to have an amazing evening with her daddy. I got pictures of them playing, videos of her riding the dog, and several selfies. I felt ridiculously lost without a baby in my cart. I was lonely, talking to myself, and getting weird stares from everyone in the store. I know a lot of women who beg for time away from their kids, or who dream of a day to themselves, I guess I am not to that point yet (give me a few more years/children and we will see). When I returned home after purchasing some new hanging baskets and downing an entire McFlurry in the truck, Little Darling was snuggled into her neon pink pjs, chugging down a bed time bottle, happily laying in Wonderful Husbands lap. She finished her bottle, got kisses from us both, and was fast asleep by 8pm.

He was happy, she was happy, I was happy.

Daddys do it differently. Sometimes VERY differently. But that doesn’t mean they aren’t doing it right, and it certainly doesn’t mean that they can’t handle it.


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