Black Bean Brownies

This is one of my go to recipes when I have to make a dessert for an outing, or if I have a sweet tooth driving me crazy. I don’t really have to feel guilty about it, and most people can’t even tell that there is anything different!

It all started when I started trying to get back in shape after having Little Darling. It is really hard to go from eating pints of ice cream to eating stalks of celery. Every once in a while (or every day) you need to treat yourself. While surfing around for easy skinny desserts, I remembered being at a picnic my dad had several years go and one of his friends had brought brownies. My dad kept telling me to make sure I tried to bean brownies and I didn’t understand what he was talking about. When I finally tried one I was in love. They were gooey and fudgy and delicious. But I had never gotten the recipe from his friend.

I started searching for bean brownies where I stumbled across a blog where a girl had done an experiment switching out different ingredients in boxed brownies to see if she could find a skinny substitute. She had replaced eggs and butter and such with different things like apple sauce, avocados, and black beans.

I decided to just run with my idea of swapping everything just black beans. Much like the idea of the angel food and pie filling recipe, I would just do brownie mix and black beans.

Oh. My. God.

This is life changing. We are brownie people in this house to begin with, we will eat a whole pan in one sitting. And I normally go out of my way to bake up brownies that have a crunchy outer ring and gooey center. I love the chewy end pieces and my husband goes nuts for the sludgy centers. With black bean brownies it is like the best of both worlds.

It is seriously as simple as mixing boxed brownie mix (I normally make the family size that bakes in a 9×13 pan) and a can of black beans that have been run through a blender. That is it! Most of the time I don’t even use a mixing bowl. I blend the beans and then dump everything into the 9×13 and mix it up with a fork and then bake it. I even bake it the normal amount of time. The results are wonderful. The brownies are chewy and fudgy, and the tops of them are gooey, like all the moisture gets pulled to the top and its almost like an icing? It is really hard to explain, but I can almost guarantee that if you try these brownies you will be hooked. And they have the added bonus of the beans having protein. Eventually, I will get around to making homemade brownie mix and then making that with the beans to see if I can make a healthy brownie!

Won’t that be the day, when we can have healthy brownies.


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