Giant Tree Decal

When we found out we were expecting, we knew this wouldn’t be our last pregnancy. So it was decided that we would do all the large items in unisex colors so we wouldn’t have to re-buy anything if we had a boy and then a girl or a girl and then a boy. My favorite color is green so it was pretty easy to register for things.

We decided to do the nursery in woodland animals. Since we built the whole thing from scratch, it wasn’t hard to design a little nook in the house to be like a little wood grove. We painted it a neutral gray and had a green accent wall. I started thinking it needed some trees, so I began my search for tree decals. It took me almost the entire 9 months to find what I wanted, but I finally did on Etsy. It was expensive, but it was so worth it! I got the decal from a store call ONWALLstudio and you could customize the colors of the bark, leaves, and birds.

It did take a while to get here, almost a month. I had practically forgotten I ordered it by the time it showed up. It was a small package for how big the decal is. When I unrolled it I immediately got nervous about putting it up. I can’t even hang a wreath on my door let alone putting a huge sticky decal on a wall. There was a link to a video, and after watching it I felt a bit better.

I figured there’s no time like the present and jumped right in.


This is how the video tells you to start. You put the tape like this, which is called a hinge. Then you pull the white backing off from the very top so that the tree part hangs down. Then you trim off the white backing, and slowly apply the tree to the wall. Once you have the top done you can remove the tape and peel off the bottom part.


After I got the base up, I got really excited and completely forgot to take any more pictures. You can see that the branches are numbered so you can see where you apply the adjoining branches. After all the branches are connected and on the wall you start adding the leaves. All the leaves are individual pieces. They come in a long sheet and you have to cut them apart. You add them one a time, wherever you feel they belong, until your tree takes shape. I added the birds as I went along so some of them would have the feel of being nestled in the leaves.



I was super pleased with how it turned out! It only took me about 4 hours with a newborn “helping”. I will definitely purchase from this store in the future.


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