My daughter is growing

My daughter is growing, it can no longer be denied. Today, she waved hi to a stranger in WalMart, when the little old lady asked her name and I told her, Little Darling smiled up at me, making me think she recognizes her name. She is almost crawling, and she is feeding herself. It is amazing, and overwhelming, and sad all at once.

This week we had our first foray into the big tub. She had recently been trying to crawl out of the baby tub and was grabbing all the stuff on the sink (the faucet, the dish soap, the rag). So I decided we would take a bath in the big girl tub and see what happened.

Since we didn’t have a bath mat, I put a hand towel down on the bottom of the tub and put about 4 inches of water in with some baby bubbles. I got the shampoo and soap and towel and wash cloth and scrubby all set up, because God knows you cannot walk away from the tub once the baby is in it. I had looked online and seen a lot of advice on filling the tub before baby got in and emptying it out after baby was out, because the noise could scare her. People had all these comments on how to make the transition easier.

Not necessary, because Little Darling is apparently half dolphin just like her daddy. I carefully sat her on the hand towel and reassured her that it was fine and it was just like the baby tub, only bigger! She looked at me like I was explaining that her sippy cup wouldn’t bite her (like Duh Mom, I know!), and began to splash and play without a care in the world. I sadly realized, too late, that I hadn’t grabbed any bath toys, so she had to settle for her wash cloth and scrubby.

She sat in that tub for almost 20 minutes. The water was cold and she was pruning so I made her get out. I popped up the stopper and the water drained out and she looked at me like “but Mom, I was playing!”  No fear, no tears, just a happy baby.

It was really nice that she accepted the new tub so easily, but it broke my heart a little that she is growing up so fast. I know everyone tells you to enjoy it and suck up every minute of them being tiny and cute because it will be gone in the blink of an eye, but I didn’t realize it would go THIS fast. I feel like I will blink again and she will be starting school. I am not ready, I just want to enjoy her being small as much as I can.

For now, the baby tub will go up in the attic to wait for a little sibling to come along and use it. I will appreciate having less clean up after bath time, but I will remember those first few months, those sweet months, when she was tiny and immobile and would lay in the baby tub letting me splash water over her, singing silly songs and getting to look her in the eye.

I will also try to refrain from blinking.


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