Skillet Quesadilla

I love me a good quesadilla. Actually, I like any quesadilla, it could be mildly average, or pretty crappy and I would probably still eat it. It is like everything amazing: cheese, carbs, sour cream, all rolled up and served in a handy little triangle. You don’t even need a plate!

There was a time when I regularly visited Taco Bell to nom on their delicious quesadilla’s. When I was in college there was a little store on campus that would make chicken quesadillas at lunch time every day, and I probably ate them like 5 days a week because I was skinny and had the metabolism of an olympic swimmer. Sadly, those days are over. Now if I drive past Taco Bell too slowly I will gain 5 lbs just from the smell.

There isn’t much you can do to make a quesadilla skinny, or healthy, or anything other than ridiculously fattening. But when you make it at home you at least know what ingredients you are putting in and can control the weird additives that most places put in. I don’t have a quesadilla maker or anything like that, but the other night I got a craving for one so bad (probably has something to do with my new found PMS and my 30 gallon challenge)  I just had to find a way to make one!

I got out my big skillet, sprayed it lightly with Pam, and turned the heat on medium. I slammed down a tortilla, two slices of mild cheddar cheese, some shredded chicken breast, and some shredded sharp cheddar. I piled all my toppings on one side of the tortilla and let it all melt together for a minute or two while I put all the packages back in the fridge. Then I took a spatula and flipped the tortilla over on itself like a quesadilla. Using the spatula I held the top down until the cheese all started to melt and it wouldn’t flop back open.

After a minute or two I flipped the whole quesadilla over (be careful, the was a shower of unmelted shredded cheese that flew out) to make sure that both sides got browned up.

Bam. A skillet quesadilla.

This is probably really obvious to most people, but to a newbie cook like me I am still shocked when I can make things at home. This is totally customizable, I am already planning black beans and refried beans and spinach and such. Its like an omelet, but with a tortilla.. and no eggs. I plated it up with some greek yogurt and ate the whole thing up.


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