Microwave Eggs

I know, I know, who dedicates an entire post to microwaving eggs?

This girl. Right here.

It’s really not my fault, up until a few weeks ago I had no idea that eggs were even a microwavable food. In my defense, I am not really an egg eater. Eggs taste like solid vomit, they have a yucky, acidic, bleggh taste to them. I really do like the yolk out of hard boiled eggs, but hard boiled egg whites will make me barf on contact. Don’t get me wrong, I really want to like eggs. They are SO good for you and very versatile. I just don’t like them. They are gross.

I try to eat eggs at least a couple times a week. Normally when Wonderful Husband is home on weekends we will sleep in on Sunday (til about 8am, you know “sleeping in” for parents), then get up and make a huge breakfast with bacon and eggs and pancakes. Sometimes I will make egg sandwiches with cheese and toast, or I will scramble them and layer ketchup and cheese with them. Anything to cover up the taste, which by taking away the taste I am also taking away from the healthy-ness of them. At a play date a few weeks ago we were all laughing because a friend of mine stated that she really liked eggs and then proceeded to list all the the condiments she puts on them… “I love eggs! Just gotta add a little hot sauce, and some cheese, and toss on some ketchup, and make some toast, and throw on some salt and pepper…” Our fitness freak friend was like- so you don’t really like eggs then. Which is a true statement of my life. I eat eggs, but I really don’t like them.

Besides the disgusting taste of eggs, I hate the clean up of eggs. You have to get the skillet out and put in oil or butter and let it heat and then crack the eggs into a bowl and whisk them and then pour it into the skillet and use a spatula to flip and flop and stir them. Then you have to put the eggs on a plate and use a fork. You are making a huge mess to prepare a meal that you aren’t even going to enjoy! It’s just wrong.

About a month ago, I was spending my morning playing with Little Darling, watching some Mickey and drinking my coffee, when I got a text from my SIL. She sent a picture of a bowl of scrambled eggs with the text “Morning work out done! Eggs fresh out of the microwave and its only 8am!” My first thought was- What a show off! My next thought was- waaaitttt! did she just say eggs out of the microwave?

Its a group text that we keep with my husbands family. His sister, mom, and dad, along with the two of us have an almost constant conversation going. It is really nice to have that open line of communication to his family, one of our biggest support systems, on a daily basis. Although, it does tend to turn embarrassing quick, like when I responded back to SIL’s text asking if eggs were actually microwavable. The rest of the family descended on me, asking how is it that I am Suzie Homemaker and don’t know how to microwave eggs?! Probably because I hate eggs…

Well, it didn’t take long for my savvy SIL to explain that yes eggs are microwavable. You just crack the eggs into a bowl, whisk them up, add a little milk or water, and stick them in the microwave for 30 seconds to a minute. This seemed WAY too good to be true. But my SIL is big into eating right and being healthy, so surely she should be a trusted source of making eggs, the all time food of healthy eaters everywhere. I decided that even though I love her and trust her, I needed to test this theory. It could be life changing…

I took one egg out of the fridge. Cracked it into a bowl. Stirred it with a fork and splashed some milk on it. I stuffed it in the microwave for 45 seconds. The result? A light, fluffy, surprisingly yummy scrambled egg.

I know! I hate eggs! But this egg was yummy! It was moist and eggy, but not overly eggy. It tasted healthy and satisfying. I was in shock. I started texting everyone I know- DID YOU KNOW YOU CAN MICROWAVE EGGS?? The general consensus was that, yes, mostly everyone knows that you can microwave eggs. Apparently, I am just a dumbass. Oh well, I will accept this title if it means that from now on I can use two items instead of 12 to make my breakfast and it is going to taste delicious instead of gag worthy.

Not only do I enjoy microwaved eggs, but Little Darling enjoys microwave eggs too. Many mornings after my coffee and her bottle, I will whip up a couple eggs in the microwave and we will sit in the kitchen sharing a bowl and and a fork for a healthy, protein packed breakfast (Yes I know the Pediatrician recommends no eggs until after 1 year, no I don’t care. She isn’t allergic, leave me alone). I can feel good about what we are eating, with minimal clean up and it even tastes good!

Thank God for my SIL or I may never have learned this amazing trick.

What other kitchen hacks do people use that I have never heard of?


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