Pet Sitter Stepford

I really enjoy being a stay at home mom and being able to help my friends out. I love knowing that if a friend or family member needs something I can help them because I don’t have a set schedule and can normally rearrange my day to accommodate whatever they need. I enjoy helping people and like having the opportunity now that I don’t work full time.

A friend of mine was going to the beach for vacation (whoooooo vacation!) and needed someone to watch her dog. Normally her parents watch her dogs, but they are really busy this year and one of her dogs recently passed away so she wanted to make sure that wherever her other dog went she wouldn’t be alone and would be loved like family- enter the stepford family! I, of course, agreed to watch her pup. Her dog, Kimber, is a two year old beagle.

My friend dropped Kimber off on Tuesday before they left. She brought her some treats and a bag of food and gave me the run down on what Kimber likes and doesn’t like. No problem. I love dogs! Piece of cake. On Wednesday, I had a dinner date and had to leave Kimber at home. Since my friend had warned me that sometimes Kimber likes to go on eating sprees I didn’t really want to test it so I tied her out back. I tied her out an hour before I left so I could make sure she wouldn’t bark or dig or anything. Pixie will bark until the cows come home (or until I come home is more like it) and annoys all the neighbors, so she never gets left outside. Kimber was great. She quietly paced the area around the dog house where I had her tied up. I felt really comfortable and headed off for my day.

When I got home that night, the back gate next to the dog house was hanging open and Kimber was chewing on a piece of fence she had ripped off. I was in shock. This tiny, 20 lb dog had single handedly (pawdedly?) pushed hard enough on my gate to break the wire so it swung open and then she had chewed on the gate until a piece of wood fell off. I was more impressed than anything. My In-laws bring their two golden retrievers down quite often and they (along with Pixie) have spent years pushing on that back gate so they probably loosened up the wires and Kimber was just the last straw. That was what I told myself anyway. I let Kimber in and we all went to bed.

The rest of the week was wonderful. Kimber is a cuddly bed mate, she is polite, and well behaved, and all around adorable. She is really needy and does weird things like try to get into the shower with me, sleep on my face, and sit on my feet while I wash dishes but those are just fun quirks. I was really enjoying having a second dog again. What a little cutie!

Then came Sunday. I had already had a bad weekend. I had had to take the truck to the mechanic, Little Darling was sick, and I was sleep deprived. Kimber was probably sleep deprived too, and wondering when (if ever) her mommy was coming back to get her. We got up in the morning and I went to let the dogs out. Kimber is weird and won’t go out on her own, I had been having to carry her out to get her to go pee. Well this morning, I was tired and wasn’t having any of it. So I yelled- KIMBER GET OUTSIDE! She peed on the floor. Thankfully it was was on the tile and a super fast clean up. I grabbed her and carried her out and plopped her on the back porch.

She spent the next ten minutes running down my back sidewalk and launching herself at the back door like a tiny furry cannonball. When I still refused to let her in, she proceeded to rip the trim off the back door and chew it to pieces on the back porch. I got mad, and tied her to the dog house. She waddled up the porch and pooped on the concrete. This little dog had me at my wits end. I gave up and let her back in- I called her mom to negotiate a pick up. I was supposed to drop her off on Tuesday, but with LD being sick and me not having a working vehicle I felt bad keeping her longer so her mom agreed to come get her on Monday.

Once she was in the house, she was back to being a little sweetheart. She curled up on my lap and napped. She ate her breakfast nice and quiet and played with Pixie. Then at around 2 I caught her splashing the water dish all over the kitchen, and then she tried to eat one of Little Darling’s toys. When I told her NO! she cowered and looked at me like she had no idea why I was yelling. And, of course, after getting in trouble she would become a little angel again and be all sweet and adorable.

On Monday morning, I put both dogs outside thinking I could just stave off bad behavior before Kimber’s mom showed up to pick her up. I was busily tidying house and getting ready to go drop the truck off at the mechanic (again!) and go shopping with my mom. After about twenty minutes, I went to go check the dogs and make sure they were behaving. The side gate was hanging open. The dogs were gone. Great, half an hour before her mother gets here and I have lost her.

I spent the next ten minutes running around like an idiot in my front yard chasing dogs and screaming. I was sweaty and I was mad. The dogs were having a great time! Their tongues hanging out as they merrily trotted around, winning this sad game of tag. I finally got a hold of Pixie and dragged her back to the yard, Kimber followed right behind. I was more mad at Pixie than anything because she lives here and she knows the rules and knows that dogs are absolutely not allowed out of the back yard. Kimber is new and doesn’t know the rules.

In the end, her mom and dad got here and Kimber was safely handed back off to them. She was so happy to see them! Pixie and I were actually kind of sad to see her go. It was fun to have a house guest, even if she was furry and slightly ill behaved.


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