Sherrif Callie


I am not even kidding! Anyone who knows us, knows how much Wonderful Husband despises does not approve of felines in the house. I had two cats when we got together and we have slowly dwindled to zero. Anytime I bring up getting another cat his eyes go real narrow and he whispers things like “don’t you dare”. I am not sure why he hates cats so much, although I am beginning to think it may be a genetic issue with the male DNA code because most of my friends have vouched that their husbands react the same way.

So imagine my surprise last weekend when WH popped me and Little Darling in the truck and drove us out to our friends house and told me to pick a kitten from their new litter. I thought it was some kind of cruel joke and kept repeating  “are you serious?”

Sure enough, I got to pick, and keep, a little 8 week old calico kitten. Friends of ours got a cat a while back and one thing led to another and now they have a whole army of kittens they are trying to rehome. They are all so precious and sweet! Of course, as soon as we got in the truck to come home WH began listing his rules.

  1. if “it” pisses in the house, its gone
  2. if “it” barfs on anything, its gone
  3. “its” litter box stays in the basement
  4. Little Darling doesn’t touch “it” until “it” has had “its” shots

All of those sounded pretty easy to adhere to, and so far they have been. We named her Sheriff Callie after the kids show about the calico cat who is the sheriff of a western town. She goes for her shots on Saturday, and once she is big enough she will go get fixed. The first couple days she hid in the basement and ran like a wildcat anytime I went near her, but once she started venturing upstairs she settled and fit right in. She plays with Pixie and snuggles on our bed at night. She even accepted her bath quietly and calmly.

I have no idea what made Wonderful Husband change his mind and let me get a kitten. I don’t really care either, I am just happy to have a little fur ball who wants to snuggle with me and purr in my lap.

IMG_1467 IMG_1471 IMG_1472

I even caught WH getting a quick snuggle from Sheriff Callie the other night before bed. He denies it and says she was just after his food, but really, who could say no to that little face!


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