30 Gallon Challenge

It won’t come as a shock to anyone that I wasn’t able to stick with a new habit. I am notorious for starting things and then giving them up because they are hard or time consuming. Most things that are not a necessity don’t get kept up on in this house. There is just too much going on.

I decided to take the 30 gallon challenge. This is where you drink a gallon of water a day for 30 days and then take a look at how your life and health have changed. I made it 9 days. But I still think it is a great thing. Just hear me out…

On week one, it was really easy. I bought a gallon of water at the store and marked out times on the side of it so I would know where I needed to be at each hour of the day. This way I could space out my drinking and not be chugging a bunch at 8pm. My time went from 8am-8pm.


Please ignore the toy ridden back ground, we play hard in this house.

It was easy to drink my water as long as I kept it with me at all times. We had a family reunion and I put it in the cooler, I went grocery shopping and I measured out three hours worth of water and put it in a smaller portable water bottle. My result were a bit unexpected: I craved sugar and candy and all things bad for me ALL THE TIME. Like a constant, nagging craving that would inevitably wear me down around bed time and I would binge eat anything I could get my hands on. I stopped pooping (TMI I know, but I try to keep it real), I have never been what Wonderful Husband calls a “normal pooper” because I don’t go all that often, but seriously, a week is a bit much. I started to feel constipated and gross and bloated.

By week two I was feeling better. My digestion began working again, I had more energy (I even skipped coffee a few days), I was having fewer cravings, and I lost one pound. It was getting a lot harder to carry this damn jug of water around though. I can’t devote every day to carrying around a jug of water that weighs as much as a newborn while still getting all my daily tasks done. I know that sounds silly, but seriously I had to focus a lot of time and energy on drinking my water and things were starting to slip at home. When I would get focused on something at home I would forget to drink my water and then I would be several hours behind trying to chug down 20 oz of water in ten minutes to be back on track.

By day 9 I gave it up..

I was feeling great. Seriously, I felt good. But my jug got left in the truck one hot day and it got all smelly and gross so I had to toss it, I started using my 32oz water bottle but I couldn’t remember how many I had drank and what time I should be where and it all just got stupid and annoying. I want to try again soon. Maybe I can measure my 32 ouncer and get times marked out on it? Maybe I should use like a 10 oz cup and make myself drink 13 of them?

If you have been considering the 30 gallon challenge I definitely encourage you to give it a shot. You will see a big difference in your body and how you feel. I know I felt healthier, I just lack the motivation to stick with it.


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