Coodles- The cucumber noodle

For months now I have been saying I am going to buy a Vegetti, or a Zoodler, or something to make noodles out of vegetables so I can have some more low carb options. After lots of research, I decided I needed a mandoline. Which, coincidentally, I used to own one and got rid of it because I never used it… Damn my habit of donating everything. I was complaining to my friend one night about wanting to make zucchini lasagna and not being able to cut the zucchini planks thin enough and how I needed a mandoline. A week later she had found a mandoline at TJ Maxx and bought it for me.

Of course, I have run out zucchini now and had nothing to try with it. I played around on Pinterest and found this wonderful potato roast which was gorgeous and looked super tasty. Of course, about three minutes into slicing potatoes and trying to arrange them into my pie pan I realized that you need 10-12 potatoes. WHO THE EFF EATS 10-12 POTATOES AT A MEAL? There are two of us! So I only used 4 potatoes, the result was a sad potato roast that was more chewy/burnt than crispy. We decided it wasn’t worth it and won’t be repeating it. Maybe for a holiday or something when I will be having a lot of guests and can use 12 potatoes, but other than that. Nope.

So after failed experiment number 1, I decided to switch over to the Julienne blades and attempt to cut cucumbers. The result was beautiful.


And, of course, immediately after taking this photo I tried to continue slicing, and sliced my pointer finger. Not really surprising. I bled all over the rest of the cucumber and had to stop so I could go get a band aid. The mandoline does come with a holder, but it is a small round shape with four spikes you can shove into your vegetable. The end of the cucumber would fit into the holder, but then I wouldn’t get the nice longer coodles, and it won’t fit long ways. Oh well.

I gave some of the coodles to Little Darling for lunch and she had a blast. Much like spaghetti (only healthy!!) she played and squished and slurped on those things for a solid half hour. For dinner that night I sliced up an orange pepper and did a little side dish. Wonderful Husband wasn’t really a fan, but it was pretty. So there’s that. I think next time I would do cucumbers with some garlic and balsamic. A bit of an Asian take on it, but the options are really limitless.

I am super happy with this mandoline and cannot wait to use it in the future. I am already thinking of all the fun slicing and dicing I can do. Since I already used it for potatoes, I am going to attempt slicing up some more and making homemade potato chips. Hopefully I can keep my fingers out of the blades in the future.

How do you use your mandoline?


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