Ham Pot Pie

The first time I ever had ham pot pie was at my in-laws house. We were gathered around the table and my FIL was busily making what everyone was referring to as “pot pie”. I was expecting the traditional pot pies that you see in the super market freezer aisle, flaky crusts on little individual pies filled with chicken and veggies. Having never been a huge fan of anything on chicken pot pies except for that delicious crust I was trying to decide how I would politely refuse eating.

Imagine my surprise when my FIL sat down a huge bubbling pot of ham and noodles. My eyes lit up, and I knew I belonged with this family.

There is a festival every year in Wonderful Husbands home town and there is always a pot pie booth where you can buy both ham pot pie and chicken pot pie, this year it was cold and rainy and wandering around chomping on the deliciousness got me to thinking why I had never tried to make the dish myself. My MIL had given me the recipe at my bridal shower, but I had never had the nerve to try it. It was so delicious, it must be complicated, and I don’t do complicated.

Then, for some reason, I bought a ham at the grocery store. It was there, I was there, suddenly it was in my cart and we were checking out. I have never made a ham, ever. And to be fair, this was an already cooked, pre-sliced, warm up in the oven ham, so it’s not like I was really making this one either, but I needed to find something to do with it. *light bulb* I can make pot pie!!

Here are the ingredients:
2.5 qt ham broth
2.5 cups Ham
Ham Boullion
5 medium potatoes (chopped)
2 cups flour
2 T shortening
2/3 cup cold meat broth (or water)
*if you want to make chicken pot pie, just swap all the ham for chicken

How To:
Cook Ham until done and cut into pieces
Use broth from the meat, along with water to make 2.5 qts of broth. Use boullion if the taste is too weak.
Bring broth and meat to a boil in a 6qt pot
Mix flour and shortening and then add cold broth, dough will be the texture of pie dough.
Roll dough out on floured surface, make it very thin.
Cut dough into squares
Add the potatoes to the boiling pot
Add the dough to the boiling pot
Stir well, cover, and reduce heat to simmer for 20-25 minutes

The recipe says it serves 6-8 people, this is laughable because I will eat the entire pot in one sitting. Like, I will bite your fingers off if you try to touch my pot pie, its that good.

This is a traditional pie made in a pot, and its delicious. However, I did learn a few things from my adventure with making this recipe..

Use a good ham!

I used the cheap Aldi ham that was precooked and presliced and all that supposed helpful stuff, it was not flaky or flavorful and it really toned down the goodness of this dish. You need a good quality ham to make this work.

If you think the dough is thin enough, you probably need to roll it a little thinner.

I rolled mine out to where I was sure it was paper thin.. nope. Some of those noodles were as thick as pizza crust. I happen to love homemade noodle/dumping/pie dough stuff so that isn’t a problem for me other than it was hard to shove the whole thing in my mouth. But, if I had rolled it thinner, I could have had more noodles.

Now that I know how incredibly easy and affordable this dish is (other than the ham you will probably have everything already on hand) I will definitely be making it way more often. It is so perfect for a cold rainy day or a snowy day. Or a warm day, or a summer day, or any day that ends in “y”.

My next plan is to attempt to freeze this dish and see how that works. If it does, you better believe I will be cleaning out the ham section of the grocery store after every holiday so I can make huge batches of pot pie and stash them in my freezer. Mwahahaha.

Hope you enjoy!


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