Crock Pot Cauliflower Soup

Wonderful Husband has been away, so I have been baking and cooking like a crazy woman. Little Darling either hangs out in the kitchen with me, banging spoons and boxes of macaroni on the floor, or she will hang out in the living room playing with her new walker toy, happily cruising across the room and giggling with delight.

Today I decided I wanted to make another batch of jelly for Christmas gifts. I recently bought some adorable little 4 oz jelly jars with the idea that I could put them into the gift baskets that we give out for the holidays. Homemade jelly and a loaf of homemade bread? That is true love right there guys.

I have a ton of juice in my freezer, I swear my FIL brings another container every time he comes for a visit. He is probably inventing reasons to come visit so he can drop off more juice, not that I mind because jelly making is slowly becoming fun as I slowly learn what the hell I am doing. I pulled out grape juice that he had squeezed himself from grapes he had picked himself. I swear, we should all just move to a big farm house, buy a cow and chickens and we will be incredibly self sufficient.

I got my huge stock pot going on the stove so I could sterilize my jars, and started prepping all of my utensils I would use. Then, for some reason, I remembered the cauliflower.

A few weeks ago, I bought a cauliflower at the store. We used to eat a lot of cauliflower before Little Darling was born, but we don’t really use it much anymore because she can’t really eat it. I have used it in pizzas and sauces and roasted it and I think honestly I bought it with intentions of making it into a pizza but sometimes life just gets ahead of you. Wonderful Husband found it the other night and about had a conniption because it was “completely brown”. Lets just say, we have completely different definitions of “completely”, there were a few brown spots on it from being forgotten in the crisper drawer, but that sucker was still way more than edible. However, I knew I would need to use it soon before it really went bad and I had wasted money *gasp*.

No time like the present. So, while my juice was defrosting and getting ready to become yummy jelly, I was busily chopping up a cauliflower and searching for a frugal recipe to turn it into. I didn’t want to do anything fancy, and I needed something that could freeze because WH was about to be away from a while and I didn’t want to think of eating cauliflower every day until it was all gone. I settled on soup.

There were a bunch of recipes for cauliflower soup, I started with this one, but by the time I was done with it, it was definitely a franken-soup. Delicious, but probably not as healthy as the original recipe.

I made it according to the directions, and it smelled bad and it tasted like water except for an overwhelming pepper taste. I added sour cream and cheddar cheese and subbed coconut oil for the olive oil. I added lots of seasonings because it was pretty bland, and I even stirred in a can of cream of chicken soup. I didn’t spoon out the chunks and puree them, I don’t care that much. I mushed the big pieces with a fork and used my hand powered immersion blender to mix it up and less chunky. After messing and mixing and changing and twisting I am pretty happy with the outcome. I will freeze it and pull it out in the next few months to have a yummy easy dinner.

I almost added some of the leftover ham I had, but decided against it since the ham wasn’t very good I didn’t want it to mess up the soup by being chunky and rubbery *gross*. Next time though, more veggies, probably some corn, and definitely a meat either ham or maybe chicken.



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