Crafty Stepford

With all this free time of Wonderful Husband being away, I have been trying to catch up with my party planning for Little Darlings birthday, shopping and baking for holiday gifts, and scrapbooking for Little Darlings baby book.

I. Am. Exhausted.

Here is a peek into my day today…

Last night Haven came back on Syfy – if you have never watched Haven before… Go. Go now. Go and watch every season until you are up to date on Haven because HOLY GOD is it like the best tv show ever. I love Haven more than I love The Walking Dead, and that. is. saying. something. Duke Crocker on that show- HOT DAMN is that a piece of man, I mean I would still probably pick Daryl Dixon in a fight or the apocalypse, but Duke is a close second. And he is taller. And he showers significantly more often than Daryl. I have put a lot of thought into this, in case you hadn’t noticed- so I was up until midnight watching the two hour long season premier. Since Wonderful Husband is away, I spent the rest of my night tossing and turning and hearing every noise within a 3 mile radius. My alarm went off at 7 and I dragged downstairs to get my coffee and a bottle for LD.

LD wakes up at 7:29am almost every day. Very seriously. I have started timing it. Her little eye balls pop open at 7:29 and she is instant action, standing up along the bars of her crib like a tiny fleecy inmate. She gets her bottle, which she, thankfully, now holds on her own most of the time, and I get my coffee, while we watch the news. We lounge like that in bed until about 8am. Then I get up and get dressed and we start getting ready to go downstairs. The only difference today, was when I went to get her at 7:30, I was greeted by a snot nosed, hollow eyed, coughing, grumpy inmate. She wasn’t too bad, just enough for me to know that she wasn’t feeling great, and that it was going to be a longgg day.

She played on the floor while I made the bed and gathered up the dirty clothes and any dishes I carried up the night before. I piled everything that needed to go downstairs in the dirty hamper and sat it at the top of the steps. I made sure her blankets didn’t need washed and tidied up her room a little bit and then we headed downstairs. She played quietly in the living room while I sank into the couch with my coffee and turned on Jungle Junction. She played on the floor, sometimes watching the story, most of the time ignoring it.

At 9am, we headed into the kitchen. She gets an egg with cheerios and fruit while I wash any left over dishes and tidy the kitchen and dining room. Sometimes she also gets yogurt, sometimes she doesn’t want anything to do with her breakfast at all and she sits there slowly feeding it all to Pixie who has taken up residency underneath the high chair any time she sees tiny legs poking out of it. Some days we skip the high chair and eat breakfast on the living room floor and catch a second episode of Jungle Junction. She may not care what happens to those crafty cartoon characters, but I kind a like them.

By 9:45, breakfast is over and we play in the living room or snuggle on the couch, or go upstairs and have story time in her bedroom. By 10am she is wiping her little eyes and yawning. She goes down for a nap and I have the house to myself for up to two hours.

Today, during her nap, I got a plate of food and climbed back in bed myself. I ate, surfed the internet, and then fell asleep while watching an episode of Disappeared. I must have been exhausted because I didn’t budge until she woke up at 11:45. We came back downstairs and I gave her some lunch- ravioli with mandarin oranges, colby cheese, acorn squash, graham crackers, and sippy of juice. We played in the living room with some country music playing and then at about 1:30, a horrible rain storm hit. It pounded on the windows and ricocheted off the front porch. I suddenly had a hankering to watch a movie and snuggle, so we turned on Tangled and curled up in blankets in the recliner. About 20 minutes in, she was crying and wailing and had tears and snot streaming everywhere. I finally caved and gave her tylenol, no idea what is going on if it is teeth or if she caught a cold or what but the Tylenol seemed to greatly improve her mood and we finished the movie snuggled in the chair with a bottle.

At 2:45 she had another round of crying and I put her down for another nap. This time, I got busy. I swapped laundry and washed dishes and tidied the house. Then I got a shower and settled in at my computer desk to work on some party planning.

I ordered a pirate onsie for LD for her first birthday party in December. I ordered witty pirate shirts for both me and WH to wear at said party. I ordered a Pirates of the Caribbean replica necklace of the gold coin for me to wear too. I planned what food we would have and what decorations we would have. I pinned all of my ideas so I would have them when it was time to order the decor and invitations.

I wrote out a list of all the goodies I want to put in my holiday gift baskets for friends and family and then marked off everything I already have made. I made a grocery list of what I still need to get to finish the gift baskets.

I suddenly remembered that I had a Red Box movie sitting in my diaper bag that I had promised WH I would return on Wednesday. Whoops. Then While checking my bank account after my ordering spree I realized I had forgotten that my school loan payment came out this week. I had to text WH and tell him I had like $10 in my bank account. Whoops.

at 4:30, LD woke up. I made a bottle and put her in the car. We went to the bank to get some money from our joint account and put it into my personal account. Then we went to Walmart to return the movie. We went into the store to get glue sticks, and jars for homemade hot cocoa. We left with glue sticks, jars, and two boxes of Cheez-its. whoops.

We got home around 6pm. LD and I shared a turkey sandwich. She had a meltdown because I wouldn’t let her eat Cheez-its. She played on the floor, sipping her night time bottle and climbing on pillows until 7 when I got her into her pjs and held her on my lap for the last of her bottle.

at 7:15 we went upstairs, I wrap her up in her favorite blanket, sing Hallelujah, and put her into her crib. She went right to sleep.

When I got back downstairs I remembered that I had bought glue sticks to work on her scrap book. This led to almost three hours of me pasting and cutting and gluing and folding all of her hospital bracelets and paperwork and memories into her scrapbook and then getting on shutterfly to order corresponding photos so when the photos get delivered I can paste them into the scrap book. Then while I was at it, I figured I might as well work on her baby book too, so I don’t get too far behind.

Now it is 10:48pm and I am so exhausted I can barely see straight. People who craft for a living must have some sort of genetic disorder that allows them to focus that hard for that long. I feel like my eyeballs may turn to liquid and fall out of my face. But, I am so close to having her scrap book up to date and I am so excited! If I can get it up to date, then all I have to do is keep up with it and it will be finished right after her first birthday! Then I think I will switch to just making shutterfly photo books. I would do that now, but I have all these items that you can’t incorporate into the books. I don’t want to get rid of her hospital bracelets or her first fingerprints.

So, now I will write a few blog posts, drink some wine, and head to bed way later than I should. And tomorrow, we will repeat the entire day. And I don’t even mind.

I love my life.


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