Tech Savvy Stepford

I would not call myself a technologically savvy person really. I can’t work my phone, or my lap top, or my tv…or really anything that has buttons. Sometimes even blouses cause me problems.

But here I am, beginning this adventure to try and make my blog into a “real” blog. Since I have stuck with it for a few months, I decided to buy my domain name. You may notice that I am now showing up as instead of I finally forked over the cash to have a real blog name so I can start to generate a little more guest traffic and hopefully turn this blog into something that can start bringing in some extra cash.

I really enjoy writing and I would love to start contributing to the household income, even if it just some fun money for Little Darling or an extra tank of gas. Nothing about this is simple, I just spent an hour dicking around with a website trying to learn how to embed codes in my blog that link to advertising. So, my apologies if there are random links all over the place for the next few weeks.

Please, help a sister out though, and click on any links you see. I promise they do not link to any type of virus or russian or spam. They will probably link to a useful site you will find interesting, and if they don’t, I will still get paid for it! Yay!

At least that is how it is supposed to work, I won’t know unless you start clicking though!!


(adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({});

I am not really sure why the companies pay for it, other than it is more exposure and they are getting more guest traffic. Everybody is fighting for their own little piece of the internet.

I am also looking into reviewing products on my blog. You contact a company, they send you a thing, you use the thing, you write about the thing, you get paid from the company. That sounds like so much fun!! I hope I can find a reliable site to use so I can review some awesome products that we all can get a use out of.

So This is my fun, test, test, test, test blog to see how this embedding thing works. Feel free to let me know what it looks like on your end!!


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