Citrus Salts

Always on the look out for something extra to add to my gifts during the holidays and throughout the year, I spend a ton of time on Pinterest in the DIY tab. I love finding cute and easy gifts to make, bonus if they are edible.

This week I found Citrus salts. The original post is here.

The original post calls for equal parts citrus zest and coarse salt.

I would not recommend that at all. I used a whole container of coarse kosher sea salt, about 6 or 8 cups, and only used the zest from 6 lemons. It isn’t completely dry yet, so I may add some more zest if I need but total that would be about 1 cup of zest for 8 cups of salt. It would be waayy too lemony if you used equal parts.

So easy. Put the salt in a container, zest the lemons into the container. Put a lid on the container or use a spoon and mix it all together until it is evenly mixed.


Zesty lemons!

Let it air dry and then store in a cool dry place.


I ordered little tubes to put mine in so I can put them in my christmas gifts this year.

I also, obviously, made enough so I can keep some for myself. I am already thinking garnishes on cocktails, and seasoning soups and yummy dishes. The possibilities are endless! I would also love to try grapefruit or lime salt too.


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