Grocery Shopping Stepford

Have you ever just had a moment clarity?

I know, so few and far between! But sometimes it all comes together well and you can feel really good about your actions at the end of the today. This morning I had a genuine moment of clarity when I planned our day.

Today we went grocery shopping. It was a beautiful day and I wanted to make sure we got out of the house to enjoy it before winter comes and ruins our lives until April. We have really really been trying to save money as much as possible lately because Wonderful Husbands work has been really slow and he isn’t getting overtime willy nilly like he normally does. So I made my list, and made sure I kept it as basic as possible.

Here is what I had on it:

  • milk
  • bread
  • cheese
  • yogurt
  • coffee creamer
  • canned veggies
  • fresh veggies
  • fresh fruit
  • veggie burgers
  • juice
  • bacon
  • potatoes
  • bagged lettuce
  • onions
  • salsa
  • pasta
  • pasta sauce
  • pizza sauce
  • flour
  • rice
  • sour cream
  • tortillas
  • refried beans

I got everything on this list (and then some) for $104! I was so extremely happy!

My Aldi must be having a sale or got a bad shipment or something. Almost all of the produce was on massive clearance and was only a dollar or so. I got bags of onions, potatoes, avocados, butternut squash, pomegranates, baby carrots, and more for 99 cents a bag or less. I really loaded up, so when I got home all I had to do was wash it, clean it, and freeze it.

I also finally did some math on the cheese. It is so easy to assume that because something is the same size it is the same price or because it is the same thing in a different form it is the same price. The cheese at Aldi is 3.79 for a 1lb bag of shredded cheese, or 1.79 for an 8 oz block. Do that math. It is 3.58 for a lb of block cheese. that’s a savings of 21 cents per lb. I bought 3 lbs of block cheese. I saved 60 cents. It may not seem like a lot, but it adds up!

I brought the blocks of cheese home and shredded them myself with my cheese grater. Then I bagged them up in little baggies with 2 cups in each bag, and froze them. Now we have cheese for several weeks!


That is over 8 cups of cheese going into my freezer! Now that I know how easy it is I will make sure I keep an eye out for cheese sales and load up when it is a good price. We eat a ton of cheese in this house so it is always great when we find a way to save money on it!

Now this week we can have

Meatless Monday- Veggie burgers
Taco Tuesday- Enchiladas
Wing Night Wednesday- BBQ Chicken with baked potatoes and salad
Italian Thursday- Spaghetti with meatballs
Fatty Friday- Homemade Pizza with salad

Next week we can have

Meatless Monday- Sweet potato and black bean burritos
Taco Tuesday- Regular ground beef tacos
Wing Night Wednesday- Crock pot pineapple chicken
Tupperware Thursday- Leftovers!
Fatty Friday- Ground beef and potato skillet with peas

The weekends are always kind of hit or miss with us, if Wonderful Husband is home we just graze all day and pull random stuff out of the freezer or cupboards and sometimes we may treat ourselves to a carry out pizza or some chinese or something if we have had a busy day. Mostly on Sundays I will put a big roast in early in the morning with some potatoes, carrots, onions, and celery and let it go in the slow cooker all day for a delicious dinner with some mashed potatoes or rice.

We have tons of chicken and beef in our freezer from the cow we bought and the really awesome chicken sale Aldi had a few months ago. We have a bunch of eggs that my in-laws gave us for breakfasts and snacks. With the fresh fruits and veggies as snacks we are good to go for at least two weeks!

The other nice thing about all of this food is that a good bit of it is clean. The veggie burgers are prepackaged but the ingredient list shows that it really is just veggies and cornmeal. The tortillas are prepackaged and do have preservatives but I can pronounce everything on the label. The cheese has a few wonky things that I really doubt cheese needs, but I have been hard pressed to find any cheese that doesn’t have some type of preservative or chemical in it. Just remember to always, always check your ingredients and know what you are feeding yourself and your family. You will notice a difference in how you feel when you go from eating junk and eating clean!

I hope this has helped you a little bit with grocery shopping and meal planning. It really is very simple!


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