Maple Sugar Candy

When I was growing up, any time we ended up in a store that sold maple sugar candy, we all went bat shit crazy.

For some reason, I always remember buying it at Gettysburg when we would go down for a day trip. My mom was a huge history buff and loved marching us around teaching us things… I honestly don’t remember a bit of it. Sad really. But I do remember the maple sugar candy. The giant, palm sized maple leaves that would melt in your mouth. My brother and I would immediately snarf ours down in the car without any hesitation, but moms would sit happily in its little paper bag until we got home. She would take a small nibble and then put it away. Months later you would walk into the kitchen and catch her in the act. Sneaking a mouthful of her carefully rationed addiction, kept on the top shelf of the tea cupboard. We forgot it was there. She never did. And she rarely shared.

Fast forward to the day I am meeting Wonderful Husbands parents, back when he was still Wonderful Boyfriend, and he is repeatedly telling me to make sure I ask his dad about maple syrup. Yea, ok. Yadda Yadda. Whatever.

Halfway into our conversation, Future FIL asks what I know about maple syrup and I say I love maple sugar candy. He begins to explain how every spring when the weather gets really warm during the day and really cold at night he tromps around town and taps all the maple trees he can find. Then for the next week or so he drives around emptying buckets into his water tank in his truck and bringing it back to his “sugar camp” where he boils it down into maple syrup. Some of it he bottles, some of it he sells, some of it he turns into Spotza (a delicacy I had not yet been introduced to), and some of it… some of it he turns into maple sugar candy.

I was sold. I was meant to be in this family. They single handedly manufacture the object of my dreams. THEY HAVE BUCKETS AND BUCKETS OF MAPLE SUGAR CANDY LIVING IN THEIR BASEMENT.

Ever since then, I have received countless gifts of maple sugar candy, maple syrup, and spotza. They even made maple sugar candies for my wedding favors, complete with an adorable little poem (sorry to anyone who didn’t get one, but I found out later a few of the guests were hoarding them). What was once a precious commodity in my house is now free flowing and readily available. While Wonderful Husband is burned out on all things maple from years and years of exposure, I still eat it until I am sick.

I decided it would be a good idea to gift some maple sugar candy this year, stick a bag into a couple of my gift baskets for my friends and family who are just as addicted as I am and don’t have quite the hook up I do. So I sheepishly asked my FIL if I could have a couple baggies of the leaf shaped gold. He refused.

He said the only way I was going to get maple sugar candy was if I learned how to make it myself. He offered to bring the supplies and ingredients down the next weekend. HOT DAMN! I am no longer gonna be just a dealer, I am not gonna be a manufacturer! Be still my heart.

I am not going to post the instructions on how to make the sugar cakes here, because it is actually really easy, but also because it is kind of not my place, you can ask FIL to help you out. We spent an hour or so in my kitchen and at the end of it I had more than enough Maple Sugar Candy to support my habit for the next few months and still have enough to gift to a select few friends and family.


Cheers to a long and happy future of eating sugar cakes until my teeth fall out.


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