Doomsday Prepper Stepford

So lets talk about the attacks in Paris last week.

For anyone who isn’t watching the news (Seriously, turn on the news for an hour a day, it won’t kill you) Isis ran rampant in Paris on Friday the 13th and killed over 100 people. They opened fire in a crowded concert hall, they blew up suicide bombers outside of a soccer game, they fired guns out of cars into street cafes, and they gunned down shoppers at a mall. It was horrible, and it was terrible, and it left everyone with a sick feeling in their gut.

Then President Obama came out and said it was a setback in the containment of Isis (eye roll) and we should start letting Syrian refugees into the country so they can be safe. Because they are running from these same terrorists who are committing attacks across the world.

I call bull shit on that.

These refugees are all strapping young lads who are well fed and well dressed and don’t look a thing like war torn orphans trying to escape the terror of Isis and Assad. They look slightly more like Isis members in plain clothes trying to infiltrate countries so they can better commit more acts of terror. In fact, one of the terrorists that was killed after he murdered people in Paris was.. you guessed it…a Syrian refugee!!

So how are we going to protect our country if we are openly letting the threat into our country? Would we have opened our borders to the Nazi’s? What did we do to the Japanese after Pearl Harbor? I mean seriously, the Japanese were already American citizens and we rounded them up and marched them into Fema camps to hang out until the war was over. Now here we are welcoming the wolves in sheep clothing with open arms. How stupid are we?

Well I guess the real question is, how stupid is the president, and the general public? Pretty effing stupid obviously.

I refuse to be a victim. For months now, I have had a BOB (bug out bag) ready and waiting for both me and Wonderful Husband should we ever need to evacuate the house in a hurry. Up until now I just had basic items, some MREs (Meals Ready to Eat), a flint fire starter, a flexible saw, some wet naps. Just enough that if we had to hike out of town we would probably make it. But after last weeks events, I am redoubling my efforts to be prepared for any situation.

Here is a little peak into some things I am working on, I am not posting all details, because in the event of an emergency I don’t want to be targeted because I am well prepared…

Wonderful Husband and I each have a BOB that either already contains, or will contain by the end of the month, the following items:

  • change of clothes (pants, long sleeve shirt, t shirt, socks x2, undies x3)
  • MREs x6
  • baby wipes
  • hand sanitizer
  • lighters
  • flint
  • saw
  • eye glasses
  • hair ties
  • bobby pins
  • duct tape
  • compass
  • maps
  • tarp
  • mylar blankets
  • rain poncho
  • flashlights
  • batteries
  • watch
  • band aids
  • lotion
  • chapstick
  • pens
  • notebook
  • pads/tampons
  • ib profen
  • vitamin c
  • vitamins
  • anti nausea meds
  • napkins
  • knife
  • ammo
  • multitool
  • life straw (water filter)
  • stainless steel canteen
  • foil wrapped gum
  • bungee cords
  • personal documents
  • dryer lint (for fire starter)
  • hatchet

This is not an all inclusive list, and all BOBs should be customized for what each person needs. I tried to include things that would allow us the basic needs or food, water, and shelter.

The house is being stocked with both food and water in case we have to hunker down and stay here, and the vehicles will have some supplies as well.

I don’t talk about this to scare people, I talk about it to inform people. It doesn’t have to be a terror attack, it could be a natural disaster, or a house fire or something. Everyone needs to have to skills, and supplies to protect themselves and their family in the event of an emergency. It doesn’t hurt to be prepared, but it definitely hurts to not be prepared.

The future of the country, and the world itself, is really looking bleak currently. If we can’t get  handle on this terror organization, and get our president to step up and stop being a pansy, we are in a world of trouble. They will come for us, and they will show us no mercy.

In Islam women have no rights, they are subjected to female genital mutilation, they are murdered for shaming their family for simple things like showing their ankles or taking off their veil. They are forced into marriage with men who will rape them and beat them and force them to do unthinkable things up to and including wearing suicide vests and blowing themselves up in crowded courtyards. Is that what you would want for your daughter? I know I don’t want it for mine. And I will do WHATEVER it takes to keep her from being put into a life like that.

In a world where whites are now the minority and are targeted for hate, and crime, where illegal mexicans are flooding into sanctuary cities where they can commit crime and not be deported, where college students can whine and complain about a swastika in poop on a bathroom wall and actually force a president to resign.. We need to be ever diligent and protect ourselves. It is obvious the government is not our friend and they are not going to be there when we need them.

Not only is the country tearing itself apart from the inside out, but we are actively allowing terrorists to destroy us from the outside.

Get ready. It is only going to get worse.

Wake up America!


2 thoughts on “Doomsday Prepper Stepford

  1. Does little Darling not have a bag? Diapers, book, diaper cream, food? We are of the hunker down variety personally but a BOB for baby is a must!


    1. I have baby friendly foods and diaper cream/powder in my own bag, and I packed maxi pads which can be emergency diapers. I have been working on a small bag for her but I can’t get it how I like it. Diapers, powdered milk, water etc. I have been having trouble organizing it. I think currently I could grab the diaper bag and go because it is pretty well stocked at all times, but you are right a baby BOB is essential and I really need to get it together!


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