Stained Glass Pirvacy Film



Ooohhh! Aaaaahhh!

Isn’t that just so pretty?

This post goes along with my doomsday prepping that has been taking up so much of my time recently. I have been looking into ways to fortify the house and make sure we will be ready in case we need to hunker down here, but also make sure that we are safe on a regular daily basis.

It may come as a shock to some readers out there, but, in general, I do not feel very safe in my house. I am home alone the majority of the time, my neighbors hate me (with good reason) and are constantly some new type of passive aggression, our house is in a not so good neighborhood in a not so good town, and we live on a corner lot where our front door is about 30 feet from the road and the side of our house is about one foot from the road. It is very normal to have some strange person or hear some strange sound around the house pretty regularly.

We did install security cameras after someone broke into our truck and stole my hospital bag when I was pregnant (seriously, who steals from a pregnant woman and an unborn child?? Jokes on you, asshole, that bag was full of newborn onsies and depends protective underwear), so I can see who is around the house on the bedroom tv just by changing the input, and it records, so if I come home and something has been messed with I can rewind and see who did it. Very handy! We got 4 cameras with a DVR type recording device all in one set at WalMart, the cameras have cords that we ran along the house and up the roof and in through our bedroom window. I think it was around $300? I know they have cheaper systems and they also have more expensive systems depending on what you want. If we were to do it over again, I think we would have splurged and gotten the wireless cameras. Nothing says “love” like standing in the freezing cold, 9 months pregnant, screaming through your wide open front door “THIS IS ALL THE FURTHER THE WIRE GOES!! IS THAT ANGLE BETTER?? CAN YOU SEE ME NOW?? HOW ABOUT THE ROAD?? CAN YOU SEE THE ROAD??” while your husband yells back down “NO BUT I CAN SEE DOWN YOUR SHIRT” Good times.

We do enjoy having our privacy fence around the back yard as well. It is about 8 ft tall and made out of wood with no gaps where people can see in. Each side does have a gate in it, but the ones we don’t use regularly are padlocked closed, the one we do use is the one that leads to and from the garage and we just leave it latched. We used to padlock it but the lock kept freezing in winter and I was stuck looking like an idiot trying to climb over the gate. Not a good look for me really.

With all of these security measures, along with Pixie who barks any time someone is around the property, and our home defense weapons, I still don’t feel safe very often. I worry a lot about break ins or other shenanigans, and one of the things that bothers me a lot is the window in our front door. Our front door opens into our hallway and steps, so when someone knocks on the front door, they can look in and see anything going on inside. If I am in the living room I am unable to get upstairs to check the cameras without the person on the porch seeing me skitter up the steps, if I am in the kitchen I am unable to get into the living room without them seeing me come down the hallway. There is no way to hide from someone who wants to see me and I don’t want to see them.

That being said, I am not really THAT anti-social, in fact, I really enjoy having company. But my company always calls before arriving, my family and friends mostly all life over an hour away and would not make that drive without telling me they were coming. The only reason someone knocks on my door is if they want to sell me something, if they want to leave something, or if they are crazy and want to murder me.

The mail man and I had a good talk a few weeks ago where I was like listen dude, I know you probably hate me because my husband and I shop online as if we are paid for it, and you are dropping off about 6 packages a day at my house and its heavy and there are steps and stuff. But please, stop knocking on my door because you make my dog go insane, and honestly she starts barking the minute you pull up, so knocking on the door just makes her even more angry. I promise, I hear you, I will come get my stuff. Don’t knock. He agreed and we haven’t had any more USPS door knockings.

So that leaves the options of people selling things, and people wanting to kill me. While I am ignoring these people and prepping my weapons, I would prefer they not be able to see inside my house and watch me. I once had someone on my front porch, I will not mention any names, but she wanted me to answer the door, and I wouldn’t, so she stood and stared in my front window like some total creepazoid. Luckily, that was right after LD was born and we were basically living in the bedroom so I just sat and watched her on the camera with faint amusement. Now we are much more mobile, and I don’t ever want to be caught in the situation where I come down my stairs or hallway and see a face peering in. Seriously, that mental image is going to give me nightmares tonight.

So, I ordered some “privacy window film” on Amazon (haha poor mail man). It was about $15 per sheet and each sheet is 24x36in. There are about a gazillion different designs to pick from. The picture at the top of the post is in my first floor bathroom with faces my angry neighbors house. The toilet literally sits directly in front of the window which directly faces their kitchen, bedroom, hallway, and play room. I have curtains up but they are not black out curtains and so you can still see the outlines of their house and windows…I am pretty sure if I can see them, they can see me. So I ordered a “magnolia” pattern window film and put it up. It is beautiful and looks just like stained glass! It was also super easy to put up.

Here is my front door:


Yay! No more weird people looking in my house!

I am seriously so happy with how this turned out. The only issue I ran into was that each sheet is 24×36, and my bathroom windows are 19.5×19 so I while I had enough square footage, I couldn’t do it with one piece each. I ended up having to cut strips off the extra and fill in the gaps. It is noticeable, but the curtain will cover it. If you order some, be sure you measure first and order enough sheets to cover what you need.

The install is very simple:

  • clean the window
  • measure and trim film
  • spray window with warm soapy water (i used regular water and it worked fine)
  • peel film off backing
  • apply film to window
  • squeegee out any bubbles

I was able to put all of mine up within about a half hour and that was even when Little Darling was awake and I was on the phone for some of it.

Very easy way to spruce up a house and add a little extra privacy/security!



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