Ok. Big confession. ..

I LOVE Christmas.

Something about the holidays just makes me feel like a little kid again. Pretty lights on all the houses, the smell of pine everywhere, family get togethers, food, cookies, christmas movies.

Seriously, I get giddy when I think about it. I hate winter, but Christmas is a magical time.

The day after Thanksgiving (it used to be the day after Halloween, but I have been trying to give every holiday its due), I drag out our seven boxes of Christmas decor. I string lights, I decorate, I fluff tinsel, I bend wire, I tie stockings on the banister, I fight with Wonderful Husband about a real tree, a fake tree, or any tree at all. I listen to Christmas carols and my TV is continuously tuned to Hallmark to catch every Christmas romance movie. I bake, I wrap. Every day is fun and festive.

This year is even more magical because it is Little Darlings first real Christmas. Last year she was 4 days old and didn’t do much more than sleep, eat, and poop.  This year, she can walk, and aalllmost talk, and really enjoy the holiday. It makes me so happy that I can share the magic with my daughter.

The first thing I did this year was run the outdoor lights. I wanted to do just a strand of icicle lights on the porch roof and a light up tinsel tree on the front porch. However, my neighbor that I don’t get along with ran one strand of icicle lights and a light up wreath on her front porch. Under no circumstances can I even remotely match her, and I obviously must do better than her.

So I spent half an hour running lights up and down the banister and over the door and all over the tinsel tree. I climbed onto the porch roof and ran icicle lights. I was a light running maniac. Until I got to the outlet and realized I HAD STRUNG ALL OF THE LIGHTS BACKWARDS.  I futzed and I fiddled. I tucked and I pulled. I ran an extension cord. I called Wonderful Husband in a panic. I finally reran the entire left side of the porch and got it to light. Then I realized I had two sides of the porch and both sides were strung backwards. It was a long night with lots of alcohol, but I can proudly say that the front of my house is now sparkly and pretty (except that two strands of lights already burned out and I hate my life)

After the light incident, I decided Little Darling and I would go get a Christmas tree. With Wonderful Husband away at work, I get to pick whatever tree I want, Mwahahahahahahahaha!



It is a tiny, live, tree in a pot. We can keep it after Christmas and then when it gets too big we can plant it!

It wasn’t my idea, it was a friend of mine who gave me the idea when I said I wanted to get a small tree to put on the bar so Little Darling wouldn’t get into it. I was happy to find them at Lowes for only $59.

The “snow” is cotton balls on fishing line. This whole set up took me less than an hour.


After tree decorating, when Little Darling was tucked happily into bed. I wrapped all the presents! Baskets for all our friends and family, wrapped presents for Little Darling, A few small bags for special friends/family, and two small gifts for Wonderful Husband.

After the package wrapping and tree decorating, I borrowed  a friends glue gun and updated my old ugly wreath.


I bought this thing for $5 at a thrift store. It had the big red bow, but it also had weird pine cone and faded red packages and dust and dirt and disgusting-ness. I ripped everything off, bought ornaments off the clearance rack at Joann Fabrics for 60 cents a pop and glued them on. Instant pretty!

I have a few more things to do for Christmas, some chocolate to package, a few more gifts in the mail. But, so far, I am so happy with how the holidays are going. I have Little Darlings party invitations in the mail, I have her cake and food ordered, I have the christmas shopping done, I have most of it wrapped and finished. No stress. No mess. I only had to start in July! (no seriously, I started baking in July)

I love the holidays and I am so excited that I now have Wonderful Husband and Little Darling to start making new family traditions with!


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