Rosemary Parmesan Popcorn

Sometimes you just need to eat an entire bag of popcorn in one sitting. Sometimes you drizzle that popcorn with fattening goodness before eating it. And sometimes, you lay all the blame on the baby by telling yourself she wouldn’t be able to fully enjoy her movie unless there was popcorn involved.

Ok, you caught me. The above statement is totally something I did last week. Twice.

Little Darling is cutting a molar. Yippee! So she isn’t sleeping very well, isn’t eating very well, and in general is being a total grouch on most topics (lets not even talk about the bottle vs sippy cup issue). So I have been trying to make her happy and we have been having some treats this week.

One of those treats was a movie night, we netflixed a movie, ate popcorn, drank a huge bottle of milk (ok she did, I had long islands, don’t judge me), and stayed up way past our bedtime. She had a fabulous time.

We got the movie Home, it was recommended by my aunt who has a little one and she said it was totally kid friendly and really cute.

I know Little Darling loves popcorn, but I wasn’t feeling just a big bowl of puffed air that I normally get with my Aldi fit&active popcorn that has a whopping 20 calories per cup. I needed something more satisfying, with more flavor and deliciousness. Enter a fond childhood memory of my parents making us kids popcorn.

We had a hot air popcorn maker. Do those even still exist? It was old when we had it but it was AMAZING. My brother and I would always fight over who got to dump the kernels in and then we would hover over the yellow plastic top to watch them pop into popcorn and slowly rise up to fall out into the bowl.

Now my family was hard core about popcorn. We didn’t make a measly serving, we didn’t even make a couple servings. We had this metal bowl that, I kid you not, probably held a good 3 gallons of popcorn. The thing was huge. And we filled it to the brim with hot air popped goodness. Then my dad would melt butter in the glass measuring cup in the microwave and he would proceed with the magic process of buttering the popcorn.

He could spin that metal bowl like dradle, and then ever so slowly he would pour the melted butter into the spinning bowl. He would stop a few times to flip the popcorn, the popcorn artist that he was, with no spoon, no nothing, he would just flip the bowl up and the popcorn would fly into the air and then gracefully back into the bowl. Then we would salt it. Then we would all watch a movie and eat our way into diabetes. I am kidding, none of us have diabetes. I am really not sure how.. but we all have pretty good eating habits now.. must have gotten it all out of our systems. Until now.

I decided that now was as good a time as ever to introduce Little Darling to Diabetes this buttery goodness. Since we do not own a hot air popper, I made a bag of regular popcorn and then poured it into a bowl. I melted the butter in the microwave and poured it onto the bowl. Sadly, My bowl does not spin like my parents giant one, and I have yet to master the art of popcorn mixing with no hands. I had to use a wooden spoon to toss my popcorn. Then at the last minute I got creative and sprinkled in some rosemary and parmesan cheese. Ok, I added A LOT of parmesan cheese.

It was delicious. I mean it was DAMN DELICIOUS.

Little Darling, who normally watches movies by wandering around and playing and not paying a bit of attention to the tv, plopped her butt on the couch and watched the entire movie without moving. The only movement she made was to stick her skinny little arm out at me and motion for more popcorn like some tiny PJ clad mobster. I picked around and made sure she didn’t get any super buttery, salty, or cheesy pieces, those I, obviously, saved for myself.

The movie was super adorable!! It is all about this little alien who isn’t very well liked and ends up with a human girl who is searching for her mom. It was super super kid friendly. Other than a Busta Rhymes reference, I didn’t notice anything that could even remotely be inappropriate and even the Busta reference wasn’t bad, but most kids are not going to know who he is (most adults won’t either, I mean he was popular for, what, like 10 minutes?). My aunt said the music was annoying, but its a bubblegum pop instrumental version of How Low by Ludacris. Little Darling loved it and I am sure if she hadn’t had fistfuls of popcorn she would have been dancing along by the end.

We had so much fun that the next night we did the same thing with popcorn and a movie, except this time I let her watch a Hallmark Christmas movie with me. She wasn’t as interested in the movie and spent most of it playing but she would still come over and demand popcorn off me, sadly, there was no popcorn left either night because we ate it all.

Definitely not a habit to get into and do constantly, but it was so nice to watch some movies together and to have some junk food as a treat during a rough week. Besides, its the holidays, there are no rules at the Christmas time!


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