Happy New Year!

Hello hello! I took a nice long break from writing over the holidays. I put the computer away and enjoyed some much needed time with my family.

Wonderful Husband had vacation time and was home for a week straight followed by holidays off and regular 8 hour days at the shop. He was home every night and we were a normal family for a couple weeks. It was so nice to wake up in the morning, make coffee and pack lunches, have quality time in the evenings. We even managed to have a few get togethers with friends.

We had Little Darlings first birthday party. It was amazing. Friends and family came to celebrate, all her presents could barely fit in the house, and she geeked out when we gave her a smash cake (apparently Miss Priss doesn’t like getting her hands dirty). Her birthday cake was shaped like a pirate ship


Be jealous, I know I was. The cake was ridiculously expensive, but it was just so damn cute (and my dad ended up paying for it!). For food, we ordered a six food long sub from Walmart, set up a veggie and fruit tray, popped popcorn, had “gold doubloon” candies, swedish fish, goldfish and chips. It was really cute and fun.

Christmas was another huge success. We spent Christmas eve with my moms family, Christmas day at home with Wonderful Husband’s parents and sister, Saturday with my dads family, and Sunday with the rest of Wonderful Husbands family in his hometown. It was a lot of running, but it was some really good times. We played cards and laughed and ate way too much food.

Santa was good to me too, I got my kitchenaid stand mixer from my in-laws. In a beautiful sugared pearl color.


I almost cried when I opened it. I am so well taken care of by everyone in my family. I seriously don’t want for anything. And on top of the stand mixer, Wonderful Husband bought me a Ninja..


I knew this one was coming. I picked it out myself in the store. But he still wrapped it up and made me wait until Christmas to open it.

I need one of those bumper stickers for my car that says “spoiled oilfield wifey”.

It was a really great Christmas. I enjoyed the much needed and well deserved time with my family, and I really enjoyed my much appreciated gifts. All too soon it was over and Wonderful Husband was back at work and Little Darling and I spent New Years at home alone.

It was kind of nice to celebrate at home. Of course, I would prefer for Wonderful Husband to be home with us, but we did ok on our own. I netflixed a fake ball drop for me and her to cheer to (she didn’t give one shit about it) and she went to bed while I watched tv and drank Twisted Tea. No loud music, no crowds, just a relaxing evening at home.

Oh god, I think I’m getting old.

Stand mixers and blenders for Christmas?? Staying home on New Year’s Eve? It’s almost like I am a real grown up.

Happy New Years everybody, I hope this year becomes everything that everyone wants it to be.


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