Slacker Stepford

Oh man have I been letting this blog slide. I haven’t posted since January. JANUARY. Literal months have passed since I posted here.

But, there is a good reason or it…

I am really bad keeping secrets. Like horrible.

I don’t know what ever possessed me to major in Psychology, God knows I would have made a terrible therapist. Running off telling everybody everybody elses secrets. Would have been a disaster.

So, when I came in contact with a certain secret back in January and it was imperative that I keep said secret, I had to kind of quarantine myself from the general public.

But, the secret is getting announced on Thursday. So I feel pretty safe posting a couple things between now and then. It’s only a couple days. And I can type and delete any secrets I want to share before I post. Teehee.

So let’s get off the topic of secrets before I explode with anticipation, and lets talk about Pure Romance and the new job opportunity I have picked up!

It is no secret to anyone in our lives that we have been struggling the past few months. Almost over night we went from oilfield royalty to oilfield poverty. The industry is suffering and because of that the workers are struggling. Wonderful Husband has been home most nights, because there isn’t any work out on location for him. His company has been laying guys off and closing down shops and its all getting really scary for us. So starting in January, Wonderful Husband and I decided that I would start looking for a source of income.

I looked, I surfed, I scoured. I was on and Craigslist almost daily. There was no shortage of get rich quick schemes, but there didn’t seem to be anything legitimate that I could do and still stay home. We knew we didn’t want to put Little Darling in daycare, because it is so expensive any money I made would go directly into paying for it. So it really limited my options of what I could do. Then my mom went to a Pure Romance party.

I have gone to and even hosted Pure Romance parties in the past, but never really considered it as a job opportunity because at the time I was employed full time and didn’t really want to take on anything extra. However, when my mom went to this party and heard about the opportunity to make a good amount of money just by having a few parties every month, and knowing how comfortable I am with the nature of the products, she got the consultants name and gave it to me so I could look into it.

Now, if you are not familiar with Pure Romance, let me fill you in.

Pure Romance sells bath and body products, massage products, and relationship enhancement products. In laymans terms- they sell shaving cream, lotions, oils, and sex toys.

Yep. You heard me right.

Sex toys.

Like dildos and vibrators.

And its awesome, and its empowering, and its super educational.

I consider myself pretty knowledgeable on the female body and I have learned some incredible new information just in the couple months I have been with the company (fun tip- if a woman has 26 orgasms or more a month it lowers her risk of heart disease). When you go to a party, the consultant sets up all her products that she is going to demo and you spend some time passing them around, smelling them, tasting them, turning them on. Really getting to see how they all work and function, and then you get time to shop, privately, one on one, with the consultant in a separate room from everyone else so you can order in confidence.

In my demo, I have the bath and body products like the shaving cream, body oil, and body spray. I have massage products like our super cool self heated massage heart, and the massage lotions. I have our arousal creams, lubricants, foreplay creams, and activity specific creams. And I have six of our best selling toys.

So far I have done two parties, and actually made some money. I still am in the process of paying off my kit, so it isn’t actual profit, but it won’t be long before my kit is paid off and everything I make is going straight into my pocket.

I really enjoy doing the parties, and feeling as though I am really teaching women some important information about their bodies. Some women feel so awkward about their bodies and about sex and anything involving those areas, but a party is a perfect way for them to experience some fun extras for their bedroom!

There is no need for anybody to feel uncomfortable or weirded out. I know when I walk into a sex store I feel like everyone is staring at me and I want to get out as fast as possible. And ordering online is such a hassle because you can’t really see the item you are ordering and sometimes end up with something you don’t really want. With Pure Romance we take the guessing part out of it and you get to shop in comfort and know the exact product you are taking

some backlash from a few friends and family members who are less than supportive. Stating things like they will never buy anything from me because they don’t believe in what the company is supporting- well then I guess they better stop shopping at WalMart because they not only sell condoms and vibrators, but they also sell the morning after pill, ouji boards, satantic books, and unedited CDs. For the most part, I try not to let the negativity get to me. I am doing what I can do support my family and keep food on our table. I am not forcing anyone to buy anything, I am merely offering a service. They don’t have to like it, they don’t have to buy anything from it, but they also don’t have to be so ridiculously rude about it. Besides, all the of the demos are easy to modify and stick to “softer” products. I can do a church luncheon where all I do is talk about our great smelling perfume and super fabulous miracle oil. I just wouldn’t hand out catalogs for the little old bitties to turn to the back pages and drop dead when they see Mr. Dependable (the purple 8 inch suction cup dildo, a best seller).

I think this is going to be a great opportunity for me. It allows me to get out of the house a few times a month. Lets Wonderful Husband bond with Little Darling while I am gone. I get to share my knowledge and my products with women and help them spice up their love lives. And I make money while doing it!

I hope if you are reading this you will consider hosting a party with me. Hostesses get 10% of their sales in free product. So if a party nets $1000 in sales, the hostess would get $100 in free product. The only rules for the party are: No men and No children (that means under the age of 18) in the house during the party. Other than that it is totally free to book and host. A lot of women will do girls nights, wine tastings, bachelorette parties, brunches, and even the odd pizza party. It is a really fun time all around.

So there you have it. That is part of what I have been up to for the past couple months. The other part of what I have been doing is coming soon. I promise! Tune in Thursday!



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