Stepford reviews a book (or 2)

When we moved into our new house this month, we didn’t have any internet or cable, obviously. I called around to the local internet providers, picked the cheapest one, and made an appointment. They couldn’t come install it until 12 days later.

How does one live without internet for 12 days?

Pretty easily actually.

We haven’t had cable in years. We used Netflix or Hulu and we recently got a Kodi box. A Kodi is a streaming service. Very hard to describe, but basically magic. Its a tiny little box, like the size of an ash tray. You plug it into your tv and your wifi, and you can watch Whatever. You. Want. You want Bambi? done. Last nights episode of The Walking Dead? Done. That obscure movie you heard that one person talking about in line at the grocery store? Done. 99% of the time, we have access to movies the day after they hit the theater.

It’s been a lifesaver with the kids.

Anyways, back to the point. When the kids are in bed and the husband is away and you are in a big empty house with nothing else to unpack. What do you do?

You start on that pile of books your mother has been stacking you up with for the past year.

I started with a book called Escape. It’s all about a woman who was born into the Fundamentalist Church of Latter-day Saints, they believe in polygamy. Also known as: multiple wives.

At the age of 18 she was forced into a marriage with a 50 something year old man who already had 3 wives and endured 17 years of marriage and abuse before escaping with her 8 children.

It was so good! I could barely put it down and read the whole thing in 2 days. She is so raw in her writing and truly tells her story without mincing words or sparing feelings. I would definitely recommend it, especially for someone who has knowledge of Latter-day saints, FLDS, or even Mormons. It is a really good insight into the religion. I don’t know much about it so in some parts I struggled to understand how anyone could believe some of their basic structures.

I was so happy with that book I moved right into the next one in my pile. It was called Forever. The basic story is this- a boy is born in the 1700’s in Ireland. Throughout his travels, he is magically granted the gift of immortality as long as he doesn’t leave Manhattan. He makes it all the way to 2001. You can guess where it goes from there.

The book is called Forever, I felt like it TOOK forever to read. Every night I would think I was getting close and then I’d look and see I wasn’t even close to halfway through. By 3/4 of the way I was totally over this book and wanted it to end, but was too invested in my already read 400 pages to give up.

It ended badly and very anticlimactically. Not sure where the writer wanted it to go, but it definitely didn’t get there and I was left feeling like I definitely could have spent my time better elsewhere. It had some good parts, and pieces of it really drew you in thinking something important was going to happen only for it to jump 50 years down the road and you be left feeling like you are missing something.

My next book is called A Man Called Ove. I haven’t started it, but Mom says its about a man who wants to kill himself and his friendly neighbors keep accidentally ruining his plan. We shall see if its any good.

We have internet now, and access to whatever we want to watch. But now that we all have detoxed from it, it doesn’t seem so important. Little Darling will watch a movie in the morning, or in the evening with snack. But for the most part we keep busy doing other things, especially since the weather is so nice now. It’s refreshing to not be chained to the living room all day, and not be staring at a screen 24/7. Although, I will say, after 3+ months, that I still sleep better with a tv on.

What are some good books you have read recently? I would love to add them to my pile!


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