The GhostBed

Nope, I am not gonna be telling ghost stories in this post. Although, I do have some good’uns I could share. No, this post is to pay homage to my brand new, amazing, and economically responsible bed.

When we packed up all our shit and left our shady crack town last year, we were full of hopes and dreams. We would have our dream house on lots of land with chickens and goats and ponies. We would have brand new everything because ultimately we left most of it behind. We would magically be skinny, tan, and have white teeth…Ok I may be getting carried away. But for real, we spent a lot of nights discussing things we wanted in our new house and new future.

We came to realize, somewhere between packing the dining room and the living room, that the majority of our belongings didn’t reflect us at all. The kitchen table was a hand me down, the dining room table was bought on clearance and had no chairs. Every thing that hung on the walls was crap I bought at Goodwill to cover up blank spaces.

We were adamant that in our new house, our items would be OURS. We would pick them. We would like them. We would love them. They would make us happy.

HAVE YOU PRICED FURNITURE LATELY?! Ha. If we thought we were going to be paying a down payment and then furnishing our entire house and in law suite we must have been smoking some of that crack from our old town. Very seriously, a decent dining room table is at least $3,000. And that isn’t including the chairs. What. The. Hell.

The big issue for us was the bed situation. We very fully believe in sharing our bed with Pixie, and sometimes one of the kids needs to lay with us for a bit. Or on Sunday mornings when we have family snuggle time. Sometimes, I just like to sleep like I’m bungee jumping. Whatever the reason, our bed was too frickin’ small. A queen just wasn’t cutting it anymore. Gone are the days of happily snuggling together as we fall into blissful slumber. No. We lay in bed like two zombies, listening to Little Littles scream, neither wanting to share a blanket or pillow, and sometimes not even a mattress.

So, we wanted a king. We NEEDED a king. Right?

Well, perhaps if we wanted to remortgage our brand new house, we could afford one. Anything worth laying on was close to 5 grand. And I’m sorry. But. No.

Then Wonderful Husband came across GhostBed. They are American made, donate to the military, have a 101 day money back guarantee, and were currently offering 3 free pillows along with free shipping.

The king mattress came in a 4×2 box and cost $975.

Hot Damn. Sign me up.

We ordered it and eagerly awaited its arrival. Which was only 3 days later. However, Wonderful Husband was out of town, and I knew he wouldn’t want to miss popping that cellophane to watch this sucker puff up. So, I waited.

It took a few hours to puff up 100%, and we didn’t sleep on it until the following night just to be sure. But, the minute we did. It was love.

This mattress is all memory foam with some type of temperature controlling stuff in it so you don’t get to hot or too cold. Its firm, but not a rock. It’s soft, but you don’t have to go all floppy fish to try and get out of it. When you lay down you can feel it conforming to you body, but you don’t sink down in. Your hips and shoulders don’t hurt from it being too hard, but your neck isn’t all wonky from it being too soft.

Simply put: it’s amazing.

The pillows are just as amazing. Lavender infused so you have a fabulous scent to lull you to sleep, they are squishy, but don’t lose their shape. I could go on and on.

The best thing I can say, is that I am actually feeling somewhat rested when I get up in the morning. Between my insomnia, the baby crying, and being an adult female who has to pee, snack, or get out of bed for whatever reason every 2 hours at night, I haven’t felt rested in I can’t even remember how long. This bed is doing it for me. I can feel myself sinking into a deep, comfortable sleep (although short lived) and when I get up in the morning I don’t feel as cranky, or crippled.

We are so happy with our purchase. We got our king size bed, we got comfort, and we didn’t break the bank.

Win. Win!


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